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Career Transitions cross all nationalities, languages, races, sexes, ages, basic skills, industrial skills, academic degrees, politics, religions and on and on.

It can be the result of declining or failing global or national or regional or industrial economic conditions, poorly created and/or poorly executed government programs, poorly created and/or poorly executed Executive Orders, bad decisions by regulatory agencies and/or courts, corruption and/or fraud in business or government, defective forecasts or projections or just management failure.

Resources are available but not well promoted that can assist or benefit those in career transition with resources often promoted on the Internet.  This then raises some core challenges to those in transition:

  1. Do they have the basic computer skills to use an Internet connected device?

  2. Do they have access to an Internet connectable device and to the Internet?

Both are often cited as impediments to those in transition in part as it is believed they have few to no problem solving skills or experience ... to think outside the box ... to dissect the components of their problem for effective action to be planned ... to examine a problem not just from where they are at but from what their final outcome should be and to solve the problem in a backward thinking process.

The first problem will be one of basic computer skills training which must include using:
  • a Word Processor including tabs, highlighting, fonts and sizes, margins, Signature Block and Out
       of Office notices

  • a Spreadsheet software

  • a basic graphical presentation tool

  • a basic Video conference software package

  • e-mail and basic texting

  • voice-mail services

  • a Calendar software with Appointments and Reminders

  • a Browser for searching, downloading and saving downloads

  • a File Management tool to create folders, sub-folders on defined drives including internal, thumb
       drives, external drives and cloud devices

  • a portable computing device (laptop, notebook, tablet, smart phone, etc.)

There will those who content these are too advanced yet the job seeker who can perform well in these areas will be far less an applicant for automatic exclusion and will have a skills foundation to move into more advanced levels with confidence in their own abilities.

Some of these are available from private or public organizations for rather high amounts.  Some offer certifications with those competing the vendor certification not being able to perform important basic tasks.  Some offer this training through non-profit organizations such as churches, civic and educational foundations.

The most complex is reaching problem solving: how to identify a potential or current problem, what has caused the problem, how can the problem be successfully resolved in minimal time and at minimal cost and what impacts exist to plans moving forward.

Studies have shown college students struggle to create boolean searches on browsers.
While this can be overcome by performing multiple searches and manually comparing outcomes, the quality of the result is often low while the time spent and labor costs are high.

  • What is a Boolean Search (Source: webopedia.com)
    A short description on what a Boolean Search is, the "operators" that are used to produce a more relevant result and an explanation of that the related terms are for a Boolean Search. Well constructed Boolean Searches can produce a superior result in less time and effort. Incorrectly or poorly structured Boolean Searches can produce ineffective or simply inaccurate or undesired results. Power is gained by building experience using Boolean operators.

  • Boolean Searching (Elmer E. Rasmuson Library at University of Alaska, Fairbanks)
    Examples of creating a Boolean search using the Boolean operators AND, OR and NOT.
    Use parenthesis to control the sequence of the logic sections of your Boolean search structure.
    Be careful, as it can take time and patience before many understand the correct way to use them!