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BBB Scam Reporting

Updated 01/16/2017

   The Better Business Bureau's BBB Scam TrackerSM
  is now part of the on-line resources the public has
  to reports scams by a community on a national

  The tool is easy to search for scams or enter them
  into the system. Logging attempts and looking for
  current scams will make you safer and smarter in
  the long run. Your personal information is NOT
  displayed during public searches.


     The information they solicit:

-  Business Name Used by Scammer (if known)
-  Scammer Address (if known)
-  Country (drop down box, default United States) (if known)
-  State (drop down box) (if known)
- Scammer Postal Code (if known)
- Scammer Phone (if known)
- Scammer Website (if known)
- Email Address Used by Scammer (if known)

- Initial Means of Contact (drop down box)
     -  Email                   -  Fax                   -  In Person
     -  Internet Messaging (e.g., WhatsApp)
     -  Online Classifieds (e.g., Craigslist)
     -  Phone                  -  Postal Mail        -  Social Media (e.g., Facebook)
     -  Text Message      -  Website             -  Other
     -  Not Applicable 

- Scam Type
     -  Advance Fee Loan                            -  Business Email Compromise
     -  Business Email Compromise            -  Charity
     -  Counterfit Product                           -  Credit Cards
     -  Credit Repair/Debt Relief                 -  Debt Collections
     -  Employment                                     -  Fake Check/Money Order
     -  Fake Invoice                                     -  Family/Friend Emergency
     -  Government Grant                            -  Healthcare/Medicade/Medicare
     -  Home Improvement                          -  Identity Theft
     -  Investment                                       -  Moving
     -  Nigerian/Foreign Money Exchange   -  Online Purchase
     -  Phishing                                           -  Rental
     -  Romance                                          -  Scholarship
     -  Spyware/Adware/Malware                -  Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes
     -  Tax Collection                                  -  Tech Support
     -  Travel/Vacations                              -  Utility
     -  Yellow Pages/Directories

- Description of the Scam (this will be displayed to the general public
                                         so do not include personal information)

-  Attachment you received (up to 2 Megabytes)

-  Did you lose money
-  Did this scam target an individual or a business?
-  Age of Person Scammed
-  Gender or Person Scammed
-  Active duty military, veteran or spouse?
-  Student?
-  Country (drop down box, United States is the default)
-  State (drop down box)
-  Postal Code

-  Your First then Last Name, Email Address and Telephone

-  Are you willing to discuss what you know with news media (check box)
-  Certification of your information provided (check box)

-  Check box that you are NOT a robot.

-  Click box to Report Scam to BBB

     The information they provide:

         An interactive map based on the ZIP Code you provide, with input fields for:
         -  Keyword (to search for)
         -  Scan Type (if left blank, it reports ALL SCAMS)
         -  Country (drop down box, default Canada + US)
         -  Report Date, fields for Start and To dates
         -  Search button

         The map can be zoomed in or out of.  Communities having reports are marked by the number of
         reports received for that area. Colors of the circles displayed in an area reflect the number of
         reports plus the relative number of reports received. Larger cities often have higher numbers of
         reports, some exceptions exist such as Memphis reporting more scams than either Nashville, Atlanta