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Updated 03/09/2017

    "Any technology that is accessible to
    the masses, will in time, be used to
    bring harm to all others who rely
    upon on the technology for good."
The first spam message sent across the early version of the
Internet was an advertisement, which was a Felony while Al
 Gore in the US Senate.  No prosecutions were made despite
the spam included the sender's name and their employer.


    We have the link and the details to help you. See how hard your area is being
    hit by scams by using your ZIP Code.

    BBB Scam Reporting

  • Calls from people who know you but you don't know them
    You have no clue who they are but they know your address, the kid's names, spouse, birthdays, your cars, and all sorts of stuff. There is a good chance they bought or obtained your information using your telephone number then bought or obtained your information from "public records" websites. Or started with your name and worked about the many "public records" websites holding your information.  

    First clue:  if they called you and you are on the Federal and/or State DO NOT CALL
                      lists, don't trust them
    . They have demonstrated little respect for you
                      and the laws.
    Second:      they mention a reputable company name they are representing. The
                      reputable companies are having their names used to build a false sense
                      of credibility. 

  • "IRS" SCAM
    Also see:  https://www.irs.gov/uac/tax-scams-consumer-alerts
    Note: to those outside the US, every day is an opportunity for the "IRS" Scam.

    Some simple things to remember: 
    The IRS is required by law to send US Postal Service Letters for such issues
      -  They do NOT call people especially demanding money
    You get a call you want to:
      -  Hang up on them
      -  Report the scam using the BBB Scam Reporting website
      -  People in the Memphis area have paid these people major dollars by credit card
          Even if there is an issue it can be resolved during normal business hours by
          calling the IRS in Memphis.

    Congratulations, you have been approved for your loan you don't remember requesting or never did request. Just Press 1 to get your money or 9 to disconnect.  Don't waste your time or let them record your voice (which is part of a new scam being run).

    -  https://www.usa.gov/scams-and-frauds

  • Your Purchased Windows Program Stopped - You Get a Refund!
    The following was posted by a person in Memphis who was scammed into believing this and cost them $267.00 in February 2017 in a horrible scam ... 
            Received a phone stating that: Because my purchase Microsoft program stopped working,
            I'm owed a refund, but I must allow them to fix it in order to receive the refund. It was the
            license purchase that total $299 my refund would be $300. I agreed switch the laptop over
            to other user, (partner) and he tried to send my refund by money gram from Wal-mart. I
            even received an email from Walmart money gram stating they received my transaction
            request for $321, and when I stated it to the gentleman on the phone he hung up.

    When a "computer person" calls you about a problem you didn't know anything about from a company you have not done business with regarding with your computer ... you may want to hang up on them.

    There are many other scams in the Memphis area where significant amounts of money were lost to fraudulent activities. Don't be a victim and report any attempts to the BBB so others can take note of what is happening in Memphis.

  • Your Windows PC Has a Serious Problem
    In their opening line, they indicate a message was received from your computer indicating there is a problem with Windows and they can help you.

          SCAM-Detection Point #1:
               Your computer does not "Call Home" for help when it has problems.
               In big computers, this is a common capability. Personal devices, nope!

          SCAM-Detection Point #2:
     Ask them WHICH Windows computer using your serial number has the
    . Now you turn the tables on them!
               Their "pitch" is based on you having one Windows computer. When you
               ask WHICH Windows computer they either hang up or panic; 
    their scam
               gamebook has no provisions for more than one Windows computer.
               Ask which Serial Number and the caller may hang up.
     Some will ask you
               make some keyboard entries to display a common value within Windows.
               contending that is your Serial Number. It isn't, so don't trust them at all.
               They and many others will call again 
    ... they always do ... it's easy money.

          Expected future attacks
               1.  Tablets including iPads
               2.  Smart Phones

  •    Do you receive an e-mail with website links what sounded too good to be
       true but it look legitimate?

      There is a chance the Bad Guys have taken over a legitimate website to
      create an illusion of legitimacy.  Here are two techniques they use:

    • The find an Internet Service for website hosting that has failed, gone out
      of business but the Internet Service Provider has not shut down their
      Internet access yet. The Bad Guys can hack this unattended website and
      place anything on it they want to as no one is monitoring the site.  They
      then do a mass e-mail promoting an incredible giveaway ($50 or $100 to
      those responding). Their protection: all text, pictures and even the link to
      unsubscribe contains the same hostile link. Detection is easy to do by:
       1) Use WhoIs.org to enter the website's name into the WhoIs.org system.
           If the URL is BigSurprises.ApplesFromKairo.com, do not include the
           "BigSurprises." or anything after the .com
       2) Use the information to call the contact or Administrator to see if they
           are even answering their telephone. If during their local business hours,
           and no answer, assume they are not operating.
      3)  With a little digging, you can find the Internet Service Provider and reach
           out to them. They may care less but at least you can raise the matter.

      Be alert to any part of the URL that contains many characters and letters
      (over 24 is a generally good rule) as this raises questions. IT people are like
      many people; they don't like complex things to remember, type or work with.
      Hackers like long strings of letters and numbers in the filename to hide their
      work so that a casual person assumes it is part of the Operating System files.

      Even large legitimate businesses have had their websites hacked and used to
      host damaging website content to use against innocent people. This can be
      due to weak security policies or a failure to monitor their own web servers.

      You are told a Recruiter can secure you a job but they require money in advance
      to cover their expenses. Given the job you are seeking, this is money well spent.

      Excluding a Retained Recruiter (which is generally only used by employers who
      pay the fees), you should never be required to pay a Recruiter. The company
      seeking the employee pays those fees. Even if you have a written contract you
      may have challenges being compensated for your losses. 
    Just don't do it!

  •    PHONE: 267 553-4396 - shows as US in Philadelphia but could be anywhere!
       TEXT MESSAGE SCAN:  Mr. Justin Sienicki from LUX MED has found your posted
                                           Resume and it has been received, reviewed and approved
                                           by the company HR Dept...You are to reply back with YES
                                           interested/Yes I AM for further details.Thank you.

    POSSIBLE EXPOSURE:    Solicitation for personal information to conduct required
                                           background checks including Social Security, Date of
                                           Birth, Drivers License Number, Major Credit Card number
                                           with expiration and Code, Bank Account Number and the
                                           Routing Code.

                                           This number can easily and quickly changed using IP
                                           addressing schemes. Blocking these numbers on your
                                           Cell phone will help remove the problem. This came to
                                           a cell phone number opened for just 1 week.

                                           When it comes to scams, you may find you are the single
                                           authority to act as investigator and prosecutor. Some of
                                           these are believed to be out-of-state operations meaning
                                           local law enforcement and prosecutors cannot do much to
                                           help. Criminals acting outside the United States are not
                                           likely to be found or prosecuted.
                                           FIRST AND FINAL LINE OF DEFENSE. THINK FIRST!