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Unknown PC Message


   I think most of us have seen messages from the Operating System on
   our computer and for the software that came with or we bought for
   our computer.

   When you see a "generic" message that comes across your monitor
   that does not way WHAT SOFTWARE or from WHAT COMPANY ... DO
   NOT CLICK on the "OK" button.   Click the "X".

   One potential is that off-shore software programmers developed new
   software and one task is to develope a notification message to start the
   installation of the software. So that's what the message says because
   the instructions did not say to do anything else. Is this the problem in
   this case? If they know they are being quiet. The problem is the person
   writing the software should have stopped and asked for the SPECIFIC
   message that brings meaning to the computer user.

   But there is also the chance this is from The Bad Guys and they just
   want to mess with your mind and your computer.

   Be safe out there ... too many people want to ruin your week!