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Your Money

Updated 06-23-2016

Let's face it.  Most people are horrible at planning budgets, setting
money aside for emergencies and financially planning retirement.

We will be posting items of interest for what is likely to be the majority of members to help get them thinking (and ideally get them into action) to think about what is ahead and get started!  After all, Uncle Sam overspends daily so don't look to them for a bailout!

  Social Security Card Changes
         New Social Security Cards are expected to be shipped later in 2017 with the intent to deter
         some of the Social Security fraud committed.  Information will be pending but is yet to
         be available on the Internet.

         Always remember, your Social Security Number is NOT to be used for purposes of identification,
         and good luck getting through life without the Government and others wanting it for that purpose.

Social Security Changes of late 2015: New Rules for Certain People
The new rules for some additional benefits now rest on which side of a date line you and your spouse         were born.  This may help you map out a plan as to who should claim first and who should claim
        second ASSUMING you are fortunate enough to gain a benefit from the new rules.