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GroupContact fore-mail Address
GroupContact fore-mail Address
Advent Presbyterian Church Group Moderator TAPC-CT-Owner@yahoogroups.com 
Christ United Methodist Church Group Moderators CUMC-CT-Owner@yahoogroups.com 
Germantown Career Transition Group Group Moderators GermantownCareerTransitionGroup-Owner@yahoogroups.com 
Germantown CT Group Moderator GTWN-CT-Owner@yahoogroups.com 
Hope Church's CareerLink Group Moderators Hope-CT-Owners@yahoogroups.com 
Memphis Human Resources Group Moderators MEMHR-CT-Owner@yahoogroups.com 
Memphis Ops Group Moderators MEMOps-CT-Owner@yahoogroups.com 
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Group Moderator OLPH-CT-Owner@yahoogroups.com 
Second Saturday Group Moderators 2SAT-CT-Owner@yahoogroups.com 
St. Andrew's Episcopal Church Group Moderators SAEC-CT-Owner@yahoogroups.com 
St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church Group Moderators SFAC-CT-Owner@yahoogroups.com 
Temple Israel Group Moderators TISG-CT-Owner@yahoogroups.com 
The Bellevue Baptist Church Group Group Moderator TBBC-CT-Owner@yahoogroups.com 
The Bob Reilly Group Group Moderator TBRG-CT-Owner@yahoogroups.com 
The Networking Roundtable Group Moderator TNRG-CT-Owner@yahoogroups.com 
Showing 15 items