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Updated 08/25/2017
  •  Assisted-Medical
     This is a collection of available information of which most is
     focused on handling the
    high costs of prescriptions when you
     cannot afford medication. There provide ways you can obtain a
     discount sometimes better than your Healthcare Prescription
     coverage and sometimes,
    depending on family income, obtain
     prescription medications at significantly lower rates or free.
     There are options out there; we tell you where, you choose.

  •  Books Suggested
     The Public Library generally either has or can secure by an Inter-  Library Loan the books listed which are recommended by those
     who have been through a Career Transition before.

  •  FREE Training
     The Memphis Job market is not producing the jobs people need. Employers had to spend money
     on training people. So go
    get some training and education for free on-line, often 24x7.  By the
     simple act of learning, you demonstrate an important trait to prospective employers - that you
     want to improve yourself.  Plus you can add this to your Resume. Keep your mind in shape by
     challenging it and you to learn something new and expand your horizons and abilities!

  •  Industry Humor
     Currently we only know humor about Project Management but welcome good clean humor from any

  •  Pick Up Lines (quotes to energize you, what else?)
     At times we all become a "little low", feeling down on ourselves or life. We have organized into 12
     different groupings quotes from recognized leaders to help pull you of that "low".  The groups are:

        -   Business                         -   Literary                          -   Philosophers
        -   Entertainment              
      -   Military                          -   Sports
        -   Faith                            
      -   Motivational                   -   Technology
        -   Government                
       -   Perseverance                 -   Word Cloud

  •  Pre-Existing Conditions
     The definition of what is or is not a "pre-existing condition" is under review at this time. While it may
     seem to be a simple matter, the potential costs to insurers and policy rates could be significant.  Be
     certain you understand how your policy defines Pre-Existing Conditions.

  •  Pushing Through ...
     There are times in our lives that it seems like the world is great until one thing changes.  This video
     is of
    Mr. J. D. "JD" Kim, who faced a sudden and life changing event which changed his life forever.
     JD is a determined individual who pushed through his hardships to achieve high objectives, especially
     for one so active now bound in a wheelchair for the rest of his live. This inspirational video, of his life
     told by him is something anyone who feels down should watch and realize what is possible if you try.
     We thank the now Dr. J. D. Kim and Hope Church for allowing the use of this inspirational video.
     This 31 minute video can give you reason to press forward towards your dreams and goals like JD.

  •  Training
     Training and Education costs have become unreasonable but would you like to explore obtaining
    training for FREE using your computer? We have uncovered a number of Universities in the US
     that offer courses and sometimes course credit upon completion ALL FOR FREE. Add some more skills
     to your Resume.

  •  Unclaimed Property
     It is amazing how we become so busy we forget about "items of value" we have forgotten about
     or received a payment to an account after we closed it out. Each State operates their own program  but you will not receive notification from them on Unclaimed Property they hold in your name or a  family member's name. It suggested every 1 or 2 years take a few minutes and see if property is
     waiting to be claimed by you, a relative or family member. 
    The process is free and can often be
     completed on line. You may have stock certificates waiting on 
    you to claim them that your Great
     Aunt Gertrude left for you. You'll never know until you look!

     But after a stipulated time period, the State will take ownership of the items and that's the end.
     You should check this every 1 or 2 years, including names of all family members and possible
     misspelling of names or variations of a name that may have been used or entered.

  •  Volunteers
     A good way to find you next job is by volunteering. Under this tab we have divided them into
     Government and Non-Profits. The opportunity to work beside the "Movers and Shakers" can be a
     quick entry point into your next job if you do things right, starting with showing up on time!