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Books Suggested

There are many books out there on the many aspects of a career transition.  Here are some that members have read and felt helped them.
Want to read a book but running tight on funds:  Try these options:
  1. Low to No Cost:
    Approach your local Public, University or School Library where you have library privileges (allowed to borrow from the Library) about doing an InterLibrary Loan (ILL) to request the book for you from another library.  Normally a free service the library locates the book and arranges for transportation of the book to and from the requesting Library.  It can take time to locate and send the book but you can borrow it normally at no additional cost except for travel to/from your local library.

    Also check your library using any Online Catalog the library may offer via the Internet as you may locate the book at another library near you reducing the time to begin reading the book.

    If your employer has a corporate library you may find the book within their book collection and may be able to request the book as part of your personal development or improvement plan.

  2. Low Cost:
    Check with local book resellers and thrift shops where the book may only be $1 to $2.  Some  libraries may be selling books you are interested in as they become worn or less read.  It is not hard to find good books at these sales for under $1.
  3. Moderate Cost:
    Check for the book on-line using tools such as PriceGrabber.com or others that search multiple sellers and provide you the price from each provider.  Many books can be ordered on-line from the major book stores or other providers delivered to your door versus the cost if bought in the book store itself.  This may include Book Clubs if you are an avid reader.

Are there books you strongly recommend not shown here?  Send your suggestions for inclusion in this list to Questions@TheCTGroup.org and include the Title, Author(s) and remarks to help others if the book may be good for them.
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Book TitleAuthor(s)Comments
Book TitleAuthor(s)Comments
Dig Your Well Before You're Thirsty Harvey MacKay If you do not understand what this title really means... read the book for your job search and other activities in your life! 
Game Plan Bob Buford  
Half Time Bob Buford A recommended read in The Bob Reilly Group. 
Job Shift William Bridges  
Knock em Dead [Series] Martin Yate With a quick, dry British humor and straight to the point manner, Martin's books are best sellers. 
Negotiating your Salary - Make $1,000/Minute Jack Chapman Time is money as anyone unemployed should understand. Negotiating well can get you a better paycheck now versus waiting for the first evaluation and raise cycle. 
Now Discover Your Strengths Marcus Buckingham & Donald Clifton It is difficult to sell yourself to others if you do not know your real strengths! 
The Traveler's Gift Andy Andrews A personal development book set in a fictional story involving 7 places and 7 people each offering the travelor one of the 7 Decisions for Success. A recommended read in Frank Weightman's St. Andrews Group. 
Up the Mood Elevator Larry Senn Reveals some profound principals, facinating concepts and useful pratical tools to help you better ride your own mood elevator. This in turn can help you improve your experience in life, enhance your results, build better relationships and create more success with less stress. 
What Color Is Your Parachute? Richard N Bolles Note different years for publication. Book versions for Job Hunters and Career Changers, Teens, and one for Retirement.  
Who Moved My Cheese? Spencer Johnson & Kenneth Blanchard Basic reading for anyone who encounters change. A time proven classic to read. 
Showing 11 items