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Good Quotes

Every day life has moments to remember for a lifetime and moments that cannot end fast enough.

Career transition is life amplified and since 2008 the economy has used a bullhorn to remind us.  What worked to find a job in 2008 no longer applies as the world changed.

The intense frustration and anger is attributed to increased crime, rising medical care needs, and thousands of people per month simply surrendering their fight to find work.  Tough times call for rising to challenges and pushing aside the empty promises made.  Times are improving but for years we struggled to see 200,000 new jobs per month while economists said we needed to be at 325,000.  While the numbers will change only one number is key to you: your employment status.
Unemployment is the emotional roller coaster that contains incredible highs, deep prolonged lows, and periodic signs of success that all too frequently produce a false end.  Yet we push forward knowing that we only need to secure that one simple "Yes"! 
This section may help you through the challenging periods to eventually reach the dawn of your dreams.  

Failure is not an ending but the basis for learning, adjusting, and pushing forward even if you do fall down.  Everyone will fail sometime in their life.  The critical question is what are you going to do about it?
General George Patton notes "The test of success is not what you do when you are on top.  Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom."
Consider Thomas Edison and his many discoveries of what did not work.  Edison stated
"I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward."
Walt Disney was fired from his first job for not being creative enough.  Disney shared his position: When you believe a thing, believe it all the way, implicitly and unquestionably.  All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to purse them."
President Abraham Lincoln put it simpler, "Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other one thing."
You were employed before and you will find employment again.  Despite the economy, despite the projections and despite the reports, people are finding employment.  The process they are following is the same successful methods used during The Great Depression;
  • get out of the house,
  • go meet people, and
  • network, network, network!
      So why can't I do this all from home with my computer?   
    • The first commercial computer, UNIVAC, was installed 23 years after the start of the Great Depression yet people found jobs before, during and continue to find employment decades after the Great Depression.  Computers are not required to obtain employment.
    • The conceptual notes from J.C.R. Licklinder (at MIT of a "Galactic Network") that evolved into the Internet were written 34 years after the start of the Great Depression so the Internet is not required to obtain employment.
    • Computers or the Internet have yet to hire anyone.  Companies do not hire people; people at those companies hire people.  Techniques used during The Great Depression may perceived as "old school", "not fashionable", or even lame.  Yet these techniques of going face-to-face are credited for about 80% of all jobs landed across the many years.  Today, with the dramatic change in the job search environment, there are indications networking may now be reaching into the 90% range!  Network to find the people who know the people who are hiring.

The Internet is a network; it connects global resources into a unified easy-to-use resource.
It is not a life preserver.  It is not a substitute for focus, planning or old fashioned hard work.

Today you must also:
  • craft a job specific resume highlighting your meeting/exceeding the requirements and showing your successes

  • identify and share your success stories, which are not necessarily limited to business or job activities

  • build a compelling key word rich LinkedIn Profile showcasing your skills, experience, passions and successes
Hiring managers are under pressure to not have "bad hires" (people who never show up for the first day, people who resign within the first year, people who are not what their resume represented, people who do not perform, etc.)  Bad hires can end a managers career, it is that serious.  Show people why your proven skills and talents with established success make you a good hire risk.

You can decide this is needless excess effort and continue doing what has not worked for you.  You can continue to be frustrated from never hearing from anyone on your applications.  You may be positioning yourself for the 95% to 98% of applicants who submit an "unqualified" or "junk" resume.  There is no reason to make a call to these individuals.

Read    what those who have faced failure or challenging experiences have said from the quotations
Look    at what some of the recognized great minds and talents across the centuries have said.
Learn  from the  experiences, hardship, and even repeated failures of others as they addressed the
             unknown or unpredictable events of life.  
They not only survived, they thrived from their self
             confidence, drive, outlook, and determination that they would be successful!  You can learn
             from their experiences to benefit your job search and future success!