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Pushing Through ...

Pushing Through ... Roadblocks

A career transition, or other life events, often challenges former co-workers, challenges the family and loved ones, but mostly challenges the employee.

Some of these changes and challenges can be lightened with the helping hands of others.  For the remaining challenges, we personally must push thru to find our success.  This video is about one memorable example which was far more devastating and of greater duration than nearly any job loss.

In February 2016, I and many others, were introduced to Mr. J. D. "JD" Kim who presented his continuing journey to achieve his objectives despite many setbacks.
Many would simply have surrendered to such an overwhelming plight.  JD embraced
the challenging road before him to continue seeking his dreams, passions and faith despite the setbacks.

Through his 
unwavering beliefs, it is anticipated Mr. Kim will achieve a major milestone in this journey May 2016 to achieve his immediate dreams and advance to the next level of his dreams September 2016 with more milestones to come.  Milestones, even one for JD, many would have deemed improbable if not impossible can be realized from faith and determination.

If you feel the roadblocks before you are overwhelming, that fate or events have prevented you from reaching your dreams and goals, I strongly encourage you to view this video.  Mr. Kim's remarks inspired those in the room and can inspire you to renew your dreams.  Rekindle your determination on your own or with the help of others to realize your potentials no matter what.  The human spirit is difficult to suppress unless one voluntarily surrenders.  Do not surrender to something that can be turned around, because in our lives, situations can be turned around if you believe and you strive for it.

My personal note to you.