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  Updated 02/26/2017

 we be·lieve
  1. 1.
    accept (something) as true; feel sure of the truth of.
    "the superintendent believed Lancaster's story"
    synonyms:be convinced by, trust, have confidence in, consider honest, consider truthful More
  2. 2.
    hold (something) as an opinion; think or suppose.
    "I believe we've already met"
    synonyms:think, be of the opinion that, have an idea that, imaginesuspectsupposeassumepresume, take it, conjecturesurmiseconcludededuceunderstand, be given to understand, gatherfancyguess, dare say; 
    "I believe he worked for you"

   In the course of life, we believe in many things:
     ... in what our teachers taught us in school
     ... in what our parents taught us in many different places, means, and ways
     ... in what we felt was factual or widely accepted
     ... in what we felt was inherent human nature to be good, honest, hard working
     ... in what was shared by those we respected or had to respect
     ... in what those we had great trust in shared with us
     ... in what we could not assess with anything beyond the limitations of our
         eyes, ears, nose, hands, feet, legs and sometimes, just our heart and mind.

  Career Transition and Unemployment change people. It can draw people closer to
  their faith. It may bring people into a house of worship after many years absence or
  for the first time.  It can create a false sense of invincibility. Career Transition is a
  team sport that can involve many players from many sectors to support one person.

  Career Transition is a hell that no one looks forward to repeating. Yet, for many, it will
  happen again. Often such job losses are not the result of poor performance or other
  factors within the employee's control. These losses can lead to stronger people, to
  people who could not withstand the pressures or people who simply withdraw. They
  can lead to alcoholism, drugs, broken families, families who are destitute and lost.

  Keeping the faith is critical whether it is with your God, America or yourself. Keeping
  hopeful determined outlook is critical. We in Memphis are fortunate to have many, who
  over the years came forward to help those in need during this unwanted journey forced
  upon them.
This section recognizes those leaders who, without hesitation, committed
  to supporting the efforts of job seekers.
  Below, we offer known writings from leaders of the organizations that support The CT
  Groups and their brief biographies as these may offer value to others from the privacy
  of where they live.



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Without the generous offering by our host locations and volunteers, The CT Groups may never have existed since 1988. A hotel restaurant offered space for one group with Christ Church supporting the second. Additional groups were formed again and again and evolved into the current organization today. Over time, more offered their time, talents and support. Some locations changed during our growth to support the needs of the community without cost to those seeking assistance.

Without the vision, compassion and commitment of those below, supporting the membership growth would not have been possible. These community leaders, who know the "power of doing", who know the power of dreams and possibilities, have facilitated great things for Memphis.

             Craig Stickland, Founder of Hope Church   

Hope is a church that sometimes is hard to believe yet it
is there. Started with the focus to provide support to those who were "unchurched", the relaxed and informal environment created is a very comfortable church in many dimensions. Having grown rapidly since 1988, the church is now in the Top 100 US Churches in part due to Craig's vision but also from those who understood his dream to bring more to or back into the church. With 5,000 seats and four services, the staff is moving one dream to even greater heights for the people in Memphis.

Jeff Marx, Rector, St. Andrews Episcopal Church

A member of the church approached Father Jeff regarding
the needs of those who were unemployed and essentially
fighting without anyone in their corner to encourage and
support them. Jeff did not hesitate to offer resources of
the Church for the cause.

Through his guidance, St. Andrews has taken extra steps
through supporting those in career transition through a
lending library, morning baked goods from a gracious
lady every few weeks, the the support of the entire church.   

Temple Web Site    The CT Groups at Temple Israel

Moderators of The CT Groups approached Senior Rabbbi
Micah regarding the need to offer a career transition group
on-site program to support those who were reluctant to
seek help from a place they were comfortable with. In what
many know as his style, there was no further discussion ...
he wanted it to happen ... to help those needing some help.
We were honored to have him join us for the first meeting
where he brought items for those attending. To continue
his gifts we continue to share those with all new members
to return his acts of kindness and help others. 

Dr Maxie Dunnam, Minister-at-Large, Christ Church

Dr. Dunnam was one of the first two to recognize a growing
need in Memphis for those who lost their jobs during an
eeconomic downturn and had not place to turn to for help.

His vision drove the creation of a career transition support
meeting at Christ Church which helped untold numbers of
people learn the process to successfully find their next job
starting with believing in themselves, their abilities and that
their plight was not their failure but of a general loss of
business. That is, in reality, a difference of limited dimension.
To the job seeker, it restores their critical self-confidence.

Dr Shane Stanford, Senior Pastor, Christ Church

Dr. Stanford's strongly believed in Dr. Dunnam's visions for the career transition support meeting and has continued it as part of his leadership.

Dr Dunnam and Dr Stanford invited David Lanthier, Moderator of The CT Groups at Christ Church to "We Believe in Memphis" to discuss the importance of these programs and the specifics of the program conducted at Christ Church.

Dr Adrian Rogers, Bellevue Baptist Church
         Christ Church Web Site    The CT Groups at Christ Church

         Adrian Rogers came to Bellevue Baptist Church in 1972 as the
         Senior Pastor. During his years, until his passing in 2005, he
         became a recognized figure in the Southern Baptist Convention
         as a three term President.

         It was under his leadership that a career transition support
         group was started with
 Don Blaze as the first known Moderator
         here. Dr Rogers was able see the impact this had within his own
         church but for those around the church as well.

Pastor Steve Gaines, Bellevue Baptist Church

         Bellevue's Web Site          The CT Groups at Bellevue

         The support for The CT Groups given by Dr Rogers was the same
         as Pastor Gaines provided ... there was a mission to help those in
         need and the means to support a number of those needs was in
         place and would continue help those who came for help.

Rev Dr. Christopher Scruggs, Sr. Pastor,
        Advent Presbyterian Church
        Advent's Web Site             The CT Groups at Advent

Father Michael Werkhoven, Church of the Holy Spirit
        Holy Spirit Web Site           The CT Groups at Holy Sprit

Dave Phillips, Preaching, Germantown Church of Christ
       Church of Christ Web Site  The CT Groups at Church of Christ

Dorthy Sanders Wells, St. Georges Episcopal Church
       St. Georges Web Site          The CT Groups at St. Georges

Tracey D. Hall, President, Southwest TN Community College
      College Web Site                 The CT Groups at Southwest

      We approached Southwest TN Community College to create a joint
      partnership to house a group meeting on campus and encouraging
      the student body to take advantage of this opportunity while on
      campus. The potential for both formal education plus guidance
      and assistance in their pending career transition would become a
      strong asset for their students.

OLPH                                      Our Lady of Perpetual Help
      OLPH Web Site                     The CT Groups at OLPH

      Our Lady of Perpetual Help (OLPH) was one of the original six
      groups meeting. With the blessing of the Church this group has
      continued to grow and evolve 

Father Robert W. Marshall, St. Francis of Assisi
       St. Francis Web Site           The CT Groups at St. Francis



             Ted Medlin, Church Member and Influencer
Christ United Method Church

                Ted was known as a man who lived his faith by helping others
                when need was seen sometimes without letting those needing
                help that it was coming. Ted was a "Founding Father" of the
                Career Transition program in Memphis and encouraged the
                Church to begin a program assisting those who were placed
                into a Job Search to support themselves and their family. At
                the time, many employers simply terminated people with no
                guidance or support to find their next job. The Church found
                merit in Ted's request and the CUMC