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Updated 03/22/2017

Information Hub

    For the near term, this will be an area of frequent
    change as to that information will be available here
    versus included with other material where it would be
    of greater value to the reader.

    Here is a quick rundown of what is posted in this tab:

  • Companies
    This section guides your thinking into evaluating a company and their "health" as a potential
    employer. They want to know if you are healthy ... you should know if they are also healthy.

    In obtaining answers through your research this can also help you prepare for an interview as
    information here may be part of a response or in a direct answer to one of their questions.  What
    do you know about our company is a common question. Answer the questions under "INFORMATION
    YOU WANT" and you can "nail" their question.

    Under "PRIVATE COMPANIES" there are some resources you can check for information.  A Private
    Company does not report like a Public Company so less information is available on them making your job more challenging.

    Under "PUBLIC COMPANIES" we provide different locations where you can easily obtain information
    on the companies of interest with most of these resources being on the Internet.