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Process to Apply for City of Memphis Jobs
Effective Date:  Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Since September 23, 2015 (a date now passed) until the process changes, all job applicants must build a personal job application profile in the new “NEOGOV” system before applying for City of Memphis jobs.


To set up your account:

  1. go to official site (orange screen)

  2. click on the “sign-in” tab at the top right of the menu bar

  3. click “create account” to build your NEOGOV profile

              … or …

  1. go to

  2. select “Career Opportunities with the City” (left side of screen under Most Popular)

  3. click on “Career Opportunities”

  4. select and click on the job you would like to apply for

  5. click “apply”

  6. select “Create an Account”

  7. build your new NEOGOV profile


    For issues related to setting up your account, contact NEOGOV at 1-855-524-5627.

Information pulled from all 50 states and available often at the national and state levels.  Some numbers may bring full value by themselves without additional review of contributing, related, or associated values.  These are "snapshots in time" with values potentially making significant swings month-to-month and that analysis may be based on data months in the past.

Perhaps most telling is the A-15 Report for the prior month, current year.  Unfortunately this does not reflect the percentage of people who are working versus the percentage of people who would work if offered a viable position and address those who are working one or more part-time jobs to create a survivable income stream.

You may search their web page by using the keywords A-15 then the month and year of the report.  The report is issued the last working day of each month but may not always be posted until the following working day.