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  • Health Care Programs in Mississippi
    Foundation for Health Care Coverage Education

  • Jobs in Mississippi
    This company runs job sites for several other states making it easy to switch between sites.

  • Mississippi Department of Employment Security
    Includes job bank, employment services and unemployment information

  • Mississippi Jobs Board

  • Mississippi
    Web site is well organized and rich with information.  This link takes you to the Site Map page allowing you to view the sections of the web site select what you need.  Good resource to state resources for any Mississippi residents.

  • Mississippi - Working Tab
    -  Governor's Job Fair
    -  Mississippi Works
    -  Employment Interruption
    -  Search for Jobs in Mississippi
    -  Search for State Jobs
    -  Apply for State Jobs Online
    -  How Do I ... Directory
    -  File Weekly Unemployment Claims
    -  Learn More about Working in Mississippi