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Updated 00-00-2000

  Advanced in technology has brought unwanted
  e-mails to the masses.  Fortunately technology
  also can provide the blocking of e-mail by at an
  e-mail address level, or at a domain level, or at
  a country code level with minimal effort IF YOU

  Unwanted e-mail has been a problem across what is today the Internet since Al Gore
  went to Congress (yes, this is a true statement).  Despite being a Felony, in this case to
  use the Federal Government's network for commercial purposes, the identified sender
  or identified company was never prosecuted or fined.  And it continues today.

Techniques of The Bad Guys have evolved into making it difficult to determine who actually originated the unwanted e-mail as you see sender as being someone you know and perhaps even trust.

One of the unfortunate designs of e-mail allows this childish if not criminal activity across the planet to take place today due to early assumption in software design.  So now that decades have past and this persists, what can you do about this?  There is a potential and inexpensive solution for you.

Most firewall packages protect your e-mail, a feature most people are not familiar with outside of seeing some messages marked SPAM.  Forget about reading through a SPAM folder ... what if you could instantly vaporize e-mails without ever seeing them that you could care less about based on a simple rule?

Some, possibly all, firewall tools allow you to define examples (and define examples of what is not) SPAM.  This is often based on content analysis which is not 100% accurate.  There is an additional level most are not familiar with which provides a complete block of an e-mail ... you never see it arrive ... it is vaporized including any attached malware or high risk links so many feel compelled to quickly click on.

Perform a Right Click on an e-mail you receive that you wish you had not.  From the pop-up menu, look for the word "Junk" and click on that if it exists.  The following pop-up menu