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Updated 01-01-2015

Your luck suddenly changes ... dramatically!  You have won a prize from something you have absolutely no idea what it is about, when you entered it, who may have entered you ... but YOU ARE A BIG WINNER!

So you scramble to begin the journey to reap your major unexpected windfall ... only to discover it is just a down fall.

The following are examples of actual phishing attacks to sucker people into responding.  E-mail addresses are changed to protect the unwise who attempt to contact these "people".


          Your email address has brought you an unexpected luck, which was selected in The Euro Millions
          Lottery and subsequently won you the sum of €1,000,000.00 Euros. Contact Monica Torres Email:
  to claim your prize.


          Laura Greenwild, PT, C/NDT, EIEIO

          Physical Therapist

          EI Tacomacha Team Lead

          Children's Therapy Center

          T: 253-531-8973

          F: 253-531-8915



    1. Your e-mail was the winning selection.  Ya, right.  Someone has put up One Million Euros (somewhere around $2.3 Million US Dollars) to give away to someone with an e-mail address for no other reason than having an e-mail address?  This does not happen in the real world!

    2. Have you done an Internet search on "The Euro Millions Lottery" to check them out?

    3. Have you done an Internet search on the phone numbers or the names?  Does it make sense?

    4. Why is a "Children's Therapy Center" the contact point for your financial good luck?  Why not a charity or corporation or someone who needs the cash less than a charity?  Or are you hit up for a small $5,000 donation by wire transfer only at Western Union (or other non-bank service) before they can send you the money you won?   Non-bank wire transfers cannot be stopped or funds recovered for any reason.