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Demand Letters

Updated 04-01-2016

Demand letters are notices normally insisting on payment for amounts past due, also known as PAST DUE NOTICES or PAST DUE BALANCES or OUTSTANDING INVOICES, are to intimidate you into providing your money to them in an expeditious and untraceable manner.  Fear motivates the mind into action and not challenging or thinking through the matter.  Think before jumping!

No company, government or other organization is immune from being listed in these letters and any attachments most likely will create problems for your computer that may be very costly and involve loss of use for a period of time.

Recent companies who have been named in these bogus communications are:
  •  Cheetah Mobile, Inc.
  •  China XD Plastics Company Limited
  •  No company named - just an invoice number and 1 attachment
  •  No company named - 1 attachment for at least 1+ months balance due
  •  USA Job - 1 attachment for at least 1+ months balance due
  •  Walmart Stores, Inc.
    NOTE: All of the above arrived on the same day within 8 hours of each other
    There is NO INDICATION any of the above companies have any involvement.
Below is a sample of one of these bogus e-mails.  Dates and amounts will change and threats of certain Rules, Statutes or other legal items are often cited, potentially bogus only to generate fear and quick action to click their attachments.

  1. Examine the e-mail for flaws like those listed below
  2. If there are clear flaws and no personalization, like your name, ignore the e-mail
    but save it should it just happen to be legitimate but very poorly created
  3. NEVER EVER click on any attachment, any link, any picture or any text


We are writing to you about fact, despite previous reminders, there remains an outstanding amount of USD 2989,70 in respect of the invoice(s) contained in current email. This was due for payment on 24 April, 2016.

Our credit terms stipulate full payment within 3 days and this amount is now more than 14 days overdue.
The total amount due from you is therefore USD 2989,70

If the full amount of the sum outstanding, as set above, is not paid within 7 days of the date of this email, we will have to begin legal action, without warning, for a court order requiring payment. We may also commence insolvency proceedings. Legal proceedings may take affect on any credit rating. The costs of legal proceedings and any other amounts which the court orders must also be paid in addition to the debt.

This letter is being sent to you in accordance with the Practice Direction on Pre-Action Conduct (the PDPAC) contained in the Civil Procedure Rules, The court has the power to sanction your continuing failure to respond.

To view the the original invoice in the attachment please use Adobe Reader.

We await your prompt response to this email.


Terrance Bush

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
1(517)992-6464 Ext: 942
1(517) 852-9842

In this example notice the indications of this not being legitimate:

  1. For an American company, why is USD (US Dollars) before each amount?
  2. Why is a comma used in the amount instead of a decimal point?
  3. In the third paragraph, how many times is the word "legal" used?  Wow!
  4. Can anyone find the items listed in the fourth paragraph in US Law?
  5. Why is the company logo missing ... maybe it's not WalMart?
  6. Notice Walmart changed their name presentation FROM Wal-Mart?  Old name!
  7. If I owe them money, why do they not know my name?