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IP Address Issue

Example of the e-mails (and they are being repeated by multiple groups using fake e-mail addresses ... of course):; on behalf of; Amelia Richmond [Memphis-CT] <>

URGENT: Your Attention Needed

Message: (9 KB)           (this is an attachment - consider it as being hostile)

Our systems have detected that you card has been used from IP:352.868.79.37.
Please refer to the report attached for more details.

  1. On the Internet, IP Addresses are assigned and YOU, most likely, have no real idea what an IP address is, have any authority over them, or even entered one into your computer. The magic of today's technology hides all of that stuff from you. THUS it's a perfect way to get you to panic and the vague attachment they provided.
  2. The sense of urgency is here as you are portrayed as doing something wrong when you are not.
  3. To guide you they ask you to refer to the report attached for more details. DON'T DO IT!

Absolutely. This is a very simple game to play because: (a) most people are clueless about what an IP address is (and why they should not worry), (b) someone who knows IP addresses knows the IP address shown is INVALID. (c) The Bad Guys can make up numbers all month long and mess with your mind and your PC. What you will/may find different is: (a) the attachment may have the same or different number - either way - don't open it! (b) the sender will be different except it will be a non-existent e-mail address more than likely (c) the IP address listed most likely will be different. In other variations some have placed a leading 0 before each of the four numbers that are not three digits in length. I have yet to see anyone who is a real Network person use leading zeros.