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Your Order

There is no limit to the ways The Bad Guys will attempt to draw you into a trip to either get money, load viruses into your computer, get inside your computer to extract items of interest or just lock up your data until you pay ransom (so called "ransomware").

The following is an example of one recently received:

<your e-mail address> on behalf of <someone's name and untraceable info>
Your online order was successfully submitted. Thank you!

Message:   Untitled unattachment 00073.txt (329 B)

Thank you for your recent order with AMERISAVE, Inc..  We were happy to serve your needs.

Please visit our site to view the order details.

We look forward to seeing you at AMERISAFE, Inc. again soon.

So what is going on here?

  1.  Most reactions will be what order?
     And that's the trap they set for you.  Click the referenced link.
     In this case the link to the site takes you into the Soviet Union.

  2.  What would you have ordered from AMERISAVE, Inc?
     Probably not much ... they handle Workers Compensation matters.

  3.  The attachment is possibly a trap as well so don't click on it.
Some e-mails have placed hyperlinks behind text (whether it is marked as
hypertext or not, behind pictures with the Unsubscribe link taking you to
"dark places" as well.  When in doubt, delete it from your e-mail and then
from your Deleted Items.

There is no reason to believe any listed company is an participating party to these e-mails and other potentially hostile actions.  It is possible honest companies could have had their web site security breached resulting in a hostile web site being created on the breached server and using the company's image as a cover.  Always question e-mails that do not make any sense ... it's a cheap investment against damage or loss of your computer and data.

  • Macatawa Bank Corporation