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Personalized Notes

Your name, telephone number, e-mail address and other personal information is not always viewed as personal information by those who hold this information.  The unauthorized release from an attack can still be painful in many ways.  [It is always good to read a company's Privacy Policy and understand how little protection you really have.]

Exposure to your information makes it possible for the bad guys to shift from generic e-mails to personalized e-mails including your name, address and can, through your ZIP Code, fake coupons or retail offerings from real or bogus stores in a nearby shopping mall.  It could even start with a Birthday greeting.  The increased cost and effort to them is petty compared to their increased potential to win.

It is possible that your friends and associates, through risky Internet practices (no firewall or anti-virus, clicking on unknown links or going to questionable web sites), can result in your information being used by the bad guys in various ways.  Your information is in their computer from their Contacts List, connection lists, calendar notes, Once inside your computer the bad guys steal a copy of your Contacts Lists for their pleasure along with more "high value targets" such as account information, financial records, etc.

Below are examples where the bad guys are using e-mail addresses they know they can send material to, and mixing names and e-mail address of others to mask the origin of the communication yet send it to people they know.  This does not require a "cyber guru" to figure out how to mix and match.  The nature of their game:  sucker you into clicking the link they have provided or responding as required.

Sometimes the links may appear to be genuine company sites ... and sometimes they are.  Not all companies aggressively protect their web sites so a hacker simply starts using their site to house and launch new fraudulent web pages under the web domain of a legitimate company.

So here some samples.  Variations of these are very likely but you can quickly see the pattern.  AND IF you are ever in doubt, all the person who appears to have sent you the material and ask them about it.  But when the name and e-mail address do not align with each other, delete the e-mail and move on.


EXAMPLE 1:; on behalf of; Josh Thomason


    How are you?
    Breaking news It works!

    Josh Thomason




    orderc nicea medicationu

    (Editor's note"  Even the domain site ( produces security warnings.
     This suggests the site was created by the bad guys or the entire site was hijacked.)