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Updated 06/09/2016

The Bad Guys know if they can get you emotionally "wrapped around" their e-mail, they gotcha.  What group is more at heightened motions than those who are unemployed and those who lost a loved one.  But what is interesting is this is actually rather comical in the presentation making itself subject to dismissal by at least some of their potential victims.  This is almost comical except some will still respond as directed.


Here is the content of one such e-mail:

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Revision of Issuance to:
Sent for the Intended recipient Only : Loyal Reader on Thursday June 8th, 2016

We had sent you a email notice as recently as last week, regarding your particular choices with this program selection.. We have some very Wonderful News concerning your availabilities..

You are Herein officially invited to finish this specific & correct online app this very day & review the new info that has been found for you at C CUonline. We absolutely are looking forward to having you be a valued part of our exciting accredited organization. Please move forward & do your part so that we can do ours by getting your packet in your hands this coming week.

PleaseCheck In Here on Your Top Selections by Completing this Two min - 3 step OnPage Filing Here.

You could potentially meet the simple guidelines for MonetaryAssisting in various forms based on your needs, situation and abilities.

Thank You for being proactive in this matter.

PowerInInfo. & Our Team, Hard at Work for You Online.


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