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You have missed ...

An evolving game catching on within The Bad Guy's groups are messages that begin "You have missed" as these three words are a "call to action" for many people.

No communication method or company is immune to the efforts of The Bad Guys to get you to click on the conveniently provided link to solve your missed whatever it may be.

Please note the company names shown.  
There is no indication, suggestion or known evidence of any type that these companies have any connection with or involvement in any manner with these attacks.  This is presented for your awareness in how actual attacks look so you can identify them BEFORE you are negatively impacted.  

NOTE: All representations below are as accurate as possible.  The links are NOT Active
          BUT represent the exact text used in the e-mail.  Notice the slight differences.
Text below in white is what is provided by The Bad Guys.

Some of the popular examples of "missed" things include:

  • Facebook        From Facebook Notifier <unlikely-email-address>
    Headline: Caution, You have missed e-mails fattest
    Message Text:  You have missed e-mail.
                           View e-mails.   (Link to apparent legitimate personal site hacked)
                           NOTE:  Very low quality fake of a Facebook message notification

  • LinkedIn          From Support <unlikely-email-address>
                           Headline & Subject: You have a new message
                           http://<actual link suppressed - goes into Russia not LinkedIn>
    Message Text:  [View/reply to this message]
                           NOTE:  Very low quality fake of a LinkedIn message notification

  • Skype              From: Auto Skype Service <unlikely-email-address>
                           Headline:  Hi. You have missed emails durkin
                           Message Text:  You have missed email.
                           View emails.  (Apparent education company web site in India)

  • WhatsApp       From WhatsApp <unlikely-email-address>
                           Headline: Incoming voice message <presented as being GST+1>
                           Potential Message Source Counties include:  Algeria, Angola, Benin,
                                Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Democratic Republic
                                of Congo, Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Guinea,
                                Niger, Nigeria

                           Message Text:  New voice message.
                                                   <Current Month and Day> <Time e-mail received>
                                                   05 seconds
                           "Play" button    (Website apparently shut down) 

  • YouTube         From: Automation YouTube Team <unlikely-email-address>
                          Headline:  Hey You have delayed e-mails procures
                           A fake YouTube logo is shown
                           Message Text:  You have delayed e-mail.
                           View e-mails.  (Apparent education company web site in India)
                           Message Text:  Very truly yours
                                                   YouTube service