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Your Resume

Updated: 09/16/2016
   I am a HR Assistant with a big increasing company
  and I have found your resume on CareerBuilder.
  I am interested in talking to you about a rare and
  real opportunity.
  Our company is an established supplier of
  Medical & Nursing equipment.
  We tried unsuccessfully to contact you by phone.
  We would like to discuss with you ASAP.

  The e-mail shown above comes to your in-box and you are jumping for joy, maybe.
  Within the e-mail the provide additional details:
Hours: 16 per week
Revenue: 3,400.00 - 9,000.00 per month
Time: at least 1 year
Location:  Your Location
What we need:  Financier Manager

  Outstanding news but look at what appears to be a legitimate e-mail ....

  1.  The Subject line reads: [Bulk] [#5052007] CareerBuilder: Interested in you
       Looks good EXCEPT for that entry [Bulk].  This is a little something e-mail services
       add on just to let you know multiple copies were sent out.
                  RED FLAG #1

  2.  They found my resume, where is my name and other information that appears on
       my resume?   Did I even post a resume on CareerBuilder?
                    RED FLAG #2

  3.  Why "Financier Manager" and not "Finance Manager"?
       What country are these people from?  But the pay is great, so what?     RED FLAG #3

  4.  16 hours a week is only 40% a work week.  At $9,000 per month
       that is $108,000 annually or about $135.00 per hour.   This is
       great money for a part-time job.                  
                                      RED FLAG #4

  5.  Then you realize that is in the Belarus Kazakhstan area of Turkey.
       Then you realize this site also provide free e-mail service.
                 RED FLAG #5

  6.  Read the other words like "big increasing company" and not a "large growing
       corporation" or a "fast growing company".  Not exactly USA words.
    RED FLAG #6

  Let's face it, it is very easy to create a fake e-mail to lure some desperate job seeker
  into a scam of nearly anytime.  Make believe you are whoever you want to be.  It is
  all using the right words, a recognized name and perhaps some graphics for that final
  touch of legitimacy.  After all,
where was their phone number shown?

  The "Thank You Card"?  Something added for a touch of legitimacy, what else?