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A list - Top Jobs-Skills

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Most in-demand Technical Skills for 2017
Survey conducted by Burning Glass:

  1.  Big Data (Information Technology)              -  3,977% increase
  2.  Node.js (Design)                                         -  2,493% increase
  3.  Tableau (Research & Analysis)                     - 1,581% increase
  4.  NoSQL (Information Technology)                 - 1,002% increase
  5.  Apache Hadoop (Information Technology)   -    704% increase
  6.  HTML5 (Information Technology)                -     612% increase
  7.  Phtyon (Research & Analysis)                      -     456% increase
  8.  ORACLE (Sales)                                           -     382% increase
  9.  JSON (Information Technology)                   -     318% increase
10.  Salesforce CRM (Sales positions)                 -     292% increase

  • Big Data is growing rapidly because of the opportunity to review massive amounts of data
    to find trends within the data which can then be used for any number of purposes.  This
    can be from analyzing troop movements and outcomes to determine patterns a country
    uses as a potential advanced warning.  It can be used to explore massive numbers of telephone numbers to do cross-matches to determine potential associations with special interest on terrorism.  It can be a store monitoring you by your cell phone as you walk through the aisles to see where you stop at (what you were potentially looking at), and
    where you DO NOT visit for potentially selling you on certain products through targeted advertising or rearrange items in the store to force you down all aisles.  It can be examining sales of pants with a big ad campaign in your area to see if the ad is generating incremental business thus worth the added business cost.  I can be used to discover you like ice cream and your cell phone tells people you are near an ice cream shoppe so they text you a 20%
    off coupon for a Banana Split.  It can be used to compare results from studies to find otherwise hidden secrets not readily seen from clinical trials to find new medicines or
    optimal procedures.

  • Apache Hadoop is a tool that helps in using Big Data.

  • HTML5 is the new release of the Hypertext Mark-up Language which is used in most web pages.

  • ORACLE is an expensive database management system which requires skilled people to design, build and use.  Note this is for sales so you will need to learn their database tools
    and ways to exploit data for companies to be successful. It is not a short sales cycle.

  • Salesforce is another software package that will require considerable training before you
    can start earning commissions. It is not a short sales cycle