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While these are quality source(s) the content may be dated thus containing a format or specific items that are no longer deem appropriate or necessary.  Attend a group meeting to learn current resume conventions and sections for your industry and profession.

Remember: The #1 and #2 most cited reason for an employee resignation is due to a
                   toxic company culture of their manager.  Makes you get information from
                   as many sources as possible in these two big areas.

CareerBuilder Reports (2015)

When the Kid Interviewing You Says You're Tool Old ...  Ladders - No Date

Some articles suggest a much younger Interviewer is faced with a psychological challenge due to the age differences.  That problem is you are about the same age as their parents and the concern of can they manage "their parents".  Their "safe" answer may be NO and turn down the candidate.  Emotionally this may be a challenge, but it the problem of the manager not the candidate who was
qualified enough to participate in the interviews.  


Telling a story is a powerful tool to transfer information to others.  Condensing the message you want people to hear takes planning but a compelling story can be
delivered within a few minutes in Behavioral Interview Questions using the normal response format of Problem - Action - Result.  Start by discussing the problem that was realized (and if you discovered it showing additional value you bring).  What did you do to resolve this problem, who was involved that you engaged, what did they do under your direction, and how long did it all take.  Where there any other problems that were resolved?  Then outline the results of your effort and how they were successful and who all benefited from your abilities.  Target your talk to 2-3 minutes for your talk.  It is appropriate to have these factual "stories" ready to use which adds to your credibility.  Employers need people who can solve problems and people who can direct others to be successful.


Some questions still asked are prohibited by law.  Some questions come close the edge.
Have a game plan on how you will respond to these questions if asked.

Interview Questions You Should Never Answer   Ladders

  Signs of Success 

  Who's Interviewing You?