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While these are quality sources the content may be dated thus containing a format or specific items that are no longer deem appropriate or necessary.  Attend a group meeting to learn current resume conventions and sections for your industry and profession.
 Sections in this group include:
  -  Are you still putting these into your Resume?
  -  Resume Mistakes (2015)
  -  Resume Structure
  -  Fixing Resume Gaps

  Are you still putting these into your Resume? 

Very beneficial back in the 1950's for companies to know what you wanted to do so they could keep your Resume on file and actually FIND SOMETHING FOR YOU.  Today each job is a number ... either this is you or it isn't.

HR is concerned with a photograph they may be accused of bias on any number of points.
Their solution:  they return the Resume.

INAPPROPRIATE E-MAIL ADDRESS is too spicy to get beyond a very small number of people.  Stick with your name.  Avoid underscores as they become difficult to see and some HR types will assume it's a space.  Periods also vanish in some underscores.

Also realize this needs to be your professional e-mail address for LIFE.  With retirement age being 72 to 74 these days due to stock market dives, you're going to need to find jobs for a longer period of time than you may have envisioned.  Many people have lost the job of their dreams because they shut down their professional e-mail address and left town.  Keep yourself visible until you die.

Also avoid the risk of using a service you must pay for, or contribute to as one day these may go away.  Avoid a small e-mail service as they may go broke or be acquired by a major player thus your e-mail address may change.

Don't make people play the guessing game as to which number you're answering today.  Recruiters want to move quickly so a cell is your best bet. Don't have a cell with an answering system?  Make sure the number you give does have an answering system that is professional in the outgoing message. No, the kids can't sing songs announcing you.

What are some examples?  Here you go:
-  Social Security Number
-  Date of Birth
-  Bank Account Numbers and Bank Name
-  Nationality
-  Sexual Preferences
-  City and State of Birth
-  Martial Status
-  Religious Preferences
-  Hobbies

With this said, some may be required for an employer to conduct a background, or credit check, etc.  Therefore Social Security Number, Date of Birth, Address will come into play.  Financial Checks generally use a Credit Reporting Agency so the need for bank and credit card numbers should not be involved.

If the account is not relevant to your career, leave it off.  Stick with the big ones here like LinkedIn.   SHOULD you use Facebook, make sure you locked down your page so only YOU can approve posted items.  Too many adult pictures out there of drunk people doing things that will haunt them later in life if it hasn't already happened.

Don't go there.

More companies are moving to scanning Resumes for quick review for key words.  Many of the systems out there are old and don't handle things they should.  One is embedded tables in a Word document.  Whatever you had may become invisible to the recruiters and managers.

Old scanners on old systems.  Dark colors may be fine, light pastels may vanish.  Use proven traditional font faces and not the newest thing to the free font download site because it looks great!  Done in the right combination your Resume could be converted into blank pages.

If you want a professional job, write and speak like a professional.  Leave these off all of your professional communications.

Not the appropriate way to insert yourself into a Resume.  Stick with achievements and accomplishments and omit how you organized department parties.

Does not belong on a Resume; you need the space to be selling yourself not advertising now expensive or cheap you may be.  There is a time and place for this ... but first work towards getting a job offer then start talking about these things.

What you and your family does it private to you.  Don't talk about your kid's basketball league, the spouse's cupcake cooking competitions, places you vacation, charities or churches (unless you are applying to that charity or church), etc.  This is your business not theirs.

Employers are concerned about the companies that hired you, the skills and knowledge you have and your accomplishments and achievements.   Won the City Wide Bowling Championship in 1963?  That has nothing to do with the business today so drop it out, unless being a killer bowler is important and you can still prove you got the magic!

Recruiters know that these basically come in two different flavors:
(1)  they are "cherry picked" from the best ones you can get
(2)  they are bogus, total fabrication often within their family

After all, if the company asks for References, suggesting they want to dive into your background, spend money, thus have a real interest in you ... would you really refuse?

Use the saved space to talk about your accomplishments and achievements.


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Let's face it: not everyone reviewing your resume have been through a layoff.  Not everyone who reviews the resume even know what is happening within their industry or profession.

Most times, a gap raises one or more of the following fears:
-  you are unqualified to hold a job
-  you spent the time in jail or under house arrest
-  you were a patient in a mental facility or medical treatment due to a severe
    problem meriting full-time care

May gaps can be explained and carry merit, such as taking care of parents who are/were disabled and lacked the money to provide part-time or full-time care required.  If this is your circumstance, be prepared to back it up.

It was 
alarming how many IT Professionals who remained employed knew 1,500,000 IT people had been laid-off due to the Y2K issues.  As such seeing a gap to many of these is a potential red flag on your otherwise great and productive career.  So, how do you educate the masses?

If you were on a contact, indicate this was a contract position.  This was not a termination over performance but a planned and agreed to date when services would no longer be required.

If you were laid off, this is not the "Badge of Disgrace" it was in the 1970's and before.  Layoffs are a standard business practice as the quickest way to get profits back in line.  In your Resume, indicate the driving factor behind it.

-  Layoffs due to merger.
    In your accomplishments showcase your significant talent, vision and
Companies sometimes do stupid things and terminate their
    better people in a panic.

-  Layoffs due to closing.
    Sometimes you are a gemstone in a company that just can't do well in their area
    of business 
have are forced to shut down.  This is reflection on them, not you.
    Show your values!

-  Layoffs due to company moving.
    Not something that is common, but companies with a depreciated value in their
    current place 
may find it more advantage to move the company where incentives
    are more enticing.  
Again, showcase your accomplishments and values to reflect
    their mistake not yours.

-  Layoffs due to economic downturns.
    This is the "and other extenuating factors" as it covers a wide range of issues.
    Unless you were a senior member of the management team, you can not be

Your challenge will be with those w
ho are isolated from or isolated from reality. They are the 
ones who you will have to educate on the current state of your common profession (such as the Y2K matter), industry downturns due to broader economic downturns, or even the demise of an industry or profession as costs and technology change.  The key is to be polite, calm and be ready with facts and their sources.  It should remove this emotional roadblock in their mind and show you may be handy to have on their team as you stay on top of what's happening.

A growing trend is attaching any separation benefits to a lengthy "gag agreement" that will trigger 
reclaiming of all separation benefits in cash and costs should you say anything negative about the company.  Some companies have left these agreements open ended, thus preventing you from saying anything.  If this information needs to be disclosed as part of a legal proceeding, bring the
document to your legal counsel or the Judge for potential relief.  Always check with a lawyer on such matters including free legal counsel if you cannot afford or are provided an attorney.