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Social Media

Updated 06/28/2016

Career Killers
  1. It's amazing how many people will pose for, or post, party pictures to their Instagram or Facebook account hours after your employer laid people off.
    According to the New York Post, J. Crew's VP of Men's Merchandising was in a photo with a colleague at New York City bar after laying off 175 employees.  The Post was told management took took appropriate action per a J. Crew spokesman.

  2. Remember: "The Digital bridges you burn, you burn forever."

  3. A Taco Bell employee photographed himself licking a stack of taco shells then posted it on Facebook.

  4. A bank intern who e-mailed his boss saying he had to skip work because "something came up at home," then appeared in a Halloween party photo dressed as what looked like Tinkerbell.  His manager then added "cool wand" to the photo and copied his colleagues.

  5. A job seeker who took to Quora to ask for advice on whether to take a job with Uber or the automated HR company Zenefits.  His comments were Zenefits isn't a "buzzword" like Uber.  The CEO of the company answered in the comments that the job offer was rescinded.

  6. A survey by recruiting platform Jobvite found 93% of recruiters check out social media profiles of prospective hires before extending an offer.  Andy Challenger, VP of Challenger, Gray and Christmas, indicates social media boils down to one objective: "paving the way for a face-to-face introduction."  Having a photo with a drink in your hand isn't a sin but it isn't a smart thing either.  Avoid sounding off on politics, religion, or any current or former employer as it can come back to hurt you.  The politician you bash may become President one day.

  7. LinkedIn is great but update it carefully.  Don't lie about experience.  You need a professional photo ... period.

  8. Drink sober ... do Social Media likewise.  You and your employer are inseperable even if you post a disclaimer.