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Thank You Notes

Updated 01/12/2017

  Thank you cards may be used for any number of
  purposes and can be purchased for a reasonable
  amount of money to make your timely point.

  Do not delay in sending a card as it takes some of
  the impact of your time with them away.

   Some mailrooms can take up to 5 working days to
  deliver Interoffice Mail.  Finding a way to get it
  delivered faster into the right hands may be worth
  the investment for special handling by an
  overnight delivery directly to the recipient.

   A lower cost approach can almost guarantee
  delivery within ONE HOUR.  IF you know the name
  and location of the contact, order a Pepperoni
  Pizza from a great pizza place and have them tape
  your Resume in a plastic bag under the "flip up"
  pizza box cover.  NO SECRETARY is going to stop
  lunch to their manager and the most popular type
  of pizza is Pepperoni.

  Plus you showcase your creativity and ingenuity.