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Do the Impossible

Updated 08/05/2017

  How many times are we stopped dead in our dreams,
  misguided in believing something to be impossible?

  Far more than there should be. As yourself, what law
  or man, technology or science limitation, or other items
  including fear, says you cannot do something? We learn
  and believe things are not possible
until someone moves
  forward and tries it anyway.
These are the people we
  first called the crazies. Now we call them achievers.


   5 Mindset Shifts You Need to Make to Do the Impossible  |  ImpossibleHQ, Joel Runyon   11/27/2013
    Everything starts with your mindset.
    If your head’s not in the right spot, you won’t be able to execute effectively.
Physical challenges are 90% mental (that’s why I love them). That’s why I talk so
    much about cold showers. They force you to physically face mental blocks
    head-on. They give you physical encounters with usually intangible obstacles.
    If you want to do something hard, difficult, or seemingly impossible, you have to start with mindset. 

   8 Principles to make the Impossible Possible
       |  LinkedIn, Andre Borchberg - CEO and Co-founder & Pilot of Solar Impluse                                                                           12/20/2016
    Thirteen years ago, I took up the challenge of transforming a vision, which the aviation
    industry considered impossible, into a reality: designing and building a solar airplane
    which could fly forever.
The goal was to fly this airplane with unlimited autonomy around
    the world, a dream that we successfully completed with Bertrand Piccard almost five
    months ago when Solar Impulse 2 landed back in Abu Dhabi on 26 July after
    circumnavigating the globe with no fuel, powered only by the energy of the sun. 

   25 Quotes to Inspire You to Do The Impossible  |  ImpossibleHQ, Joel Runyon                           08/12/2010 

     How to do the impossible!  |  Creative Thinking Hub, Jim Connolly
    You need to be really careful about the limitations you place on yourself.
    I’d like to start by asking you a question:
        When was the last time you consciously thought about, what’s really possible for you?
One of the reasons children are so creative, is that they are open to all possibilities. We
    all start off that way. Then, as we grow up, we apply various filters to our thinking, as we
    determine what is and is not possible for us. The challenge, is that we often get it wrong.
    This causes us to wrongly remove possibilities from our decision making and creative
    thinking, which unnecessarily restricts us.

     Four Parts: Cultivating the Right Attitude - Making a Plan - Following Through - Embracing the Outcome