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Updated 04/27/2017

    Innocent Stupid e-Mail Addresses
    that Can Keep You Unemployed

        Hate to be blunt but many are not getting the word on this
        or Unemployment has some benefits we don't know about.

  1.  Don't be cute ... use your name
      An e-mail address of is an e-mail address HR people "would not
      touch with rubber gloves".  Yes, that is a direct quote from an HR Manager.  And let's face it,
      if that is an e-mail address they see fit for business, they are applying to the wrong business.

      Anything other than your name will hurt you and there are lots of good people wanting this job.

    1.   Why should I use my name?
      1. Part of Your Brand
        You want your name to be remembered and be each to contact.  Repeating your
        name as your e-mail address is a great way to help your cause.

      2. It "burns" your name into their mind
        A "brand name" is important for many reasons to companies and to you.  The more
        your name is seen and read the better your recognition becomes.

      3. Position it as your Brand Name
        Let is become a name associated with high quality, integrity, honesty, ability to get
        the job done with high ethics. 

    2.   Why should I use my name?
           1.  What NOT to include in my e-mail address?
                Having a unique name helps greatly in your name recognition and setting up a unique
                e-mail address.  Remember, e-mail addresses are "First Come, First Served" so get
                your e-mail address setup as soon as possible.

                If your name is "Joe Smith" there will be many wanting this e-mail address.  A common
                name creates challenges so be creative in how you resolve it.  While some may not find
                adding "Jr." to the end of your name as desirable, you can explore using a Middle Name
                Initial.  You are tempted to add numbers to make it distinctive.  If you cannot get what
                you want, check another free e-mail provider to see what is available there for you.

                You also have the potential to use numbers.  While not as effective as just your name,
                there is the problem of having numbers in how they may be "viewed" by others

                   a)  They may be assumed to be part of your Birthdate
                        Make sure it does not look like a 2 digit year of Graduation, High School or
                        College or a four digit Month and Year.  There will be someone who tries to
                        use that to determine your age.  Maybe the number 55 is important as that was
                        your Football or Basketball number.  It can also "age you" back to the year 1955.

                        Age Discrimination is widespread and begins at age 40.

                   b)  They may be assumed to be part of your College Graduation Date
                        Same problem, same Discriminiation, same starting age.

                   There will always be people looking for something that does not exist, yet find it.
                   Leave their imagination nothing to find and you will be the better for it.

                 Are there any numbers that are safe for my e-mail address?  Yes and it is simple and
                 adds recognition to you:  Use your street number of Post Office Box Number.
                 This will be on your address information anyway, so leverage this number!

                 If you have a unique name, try using just your last name for your e-mail address.

    3.    Remember, this is BUSINESS so don't try any humor or ticks
         Save the Freshman stunts and pranks ... this is Business so pay it straight.

  2.   What e-mail provider should I use?
    1. FREE is GOOD
      Nearly every e-mail provider has a long document you have to agree to before
      you can have an e-mail account with them.  Read it, keep a copy of it but understand
      it.  There is no reasonable expectation that the exposure to your private e-mails sent or received will be less if you pay for a service.  There is no reason to believe you will see fewer commercials, get faster response time or have better security.

      The important aspect is you have one less expense when money becomes tight.  Not making your payment may result in the loss and complete destruction of all e-mails you received and sent plus the loss of the one connection you have advertised to so many people and potential employers.

      While some University, Social Organizations or Professional Societies can be impressive, they also run on money and may terminate your e-mail account for lack of payment or continued membership.

      You NEED an e-mail address that can survive beyond your life so that it is a consistent and reliable means to send items to you whether it is an old friend or company wanting to engage your services even in retirement.

      The larger the provider is the greater the potential for longevity and less chance of outages or lost e-mails.  Big companies need to protect their brand even if the service using their name generates no direct income.  They may realize significant revenues per their Terms and Conditions of Service than they could ever bill their customers for.

      1. A MAJOR NAME is GOOD
        The "big names" in free e-mail are well known and easily remembered.  Their "domain name" being short helps your readers focus on YOUR NAME which is important.

      2. The Internet Service Provider that supports a few small cities is NOT GOOD.
        If they encounter financial challenges or receive an offer for a "buy out", they may
        suddently cease operations and leave you in a bad place without e-mail service or
        the e-mail address you spent years promoting to other people.  

      3. Alumni Groups and Professional Groups are A RISK
        It may be fashionable to have an e-mail address from MIT, Harvard or others, but
        there are reoccurring costs involved.  If money becomes tight, this high profile image
        may be a cost you cannot justify but you must maintain them to retain e-mail access.