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Myth of Staying Employable Past 50  LinkedIn -                                                    01/08/17
Read the article before you panic and so something illadvised ... there is a solution provided

Age discrimination is rampant.  So what can you do about their problem?

When a hiring manager is concerned you are at the same age or older than his/her parents, this is a failure of an employer to train their managers.

UNDERSTAND:  Employers are focused on profits, productivity and lower
                         insurance costs and time away from work.  Selling your
                         experience and abilities and health will help dispell this.
                         Before threatening or suggesting any action against an
                         employer consult legal counsel with your documentation.

                                Wikipedia - Definition of Ageism
                                American Psychological Association - Fighting Agism
                                Combating Agism (New Zealand)
                                Age Discrimination: Highlight from Aging Workforce

The secret includes understanding what is happening and the mindset.  Do NOT enter an interview with "guns blazing".  Deflect their preconceived perception you are too old.

Some cardinal rules:
   1.  Never discuss High School or Jr. High School Graduation dates.
   2.  The US Military Draft ended January 27, 1973.  Watch out for that question.
   3.  You are not required to provide if you are married or on what date.
   4.  College dates are fair game; decide for yourself how to address those.
        It will likely come up in a background check.
   5.  Do not discuss children, especially the birthdate of your first born or adoption.
   6.  Avoid what date you received your Driver's License.  Only confirm you have one.
   7.  Do not discuss your first election you voted in or who you supported.
   8.  If you have military experience, avoid your discharge date or where you fought,
        but you indicate an honorable discharge and whether you saw combat.  These
        days that could be Korea to the Middle East.
   9.  Avoid popular TV shows you watched as that can quickly date you.
 10.  Avoid including any clues to date on Facebook or other social media forums.
 11.  You do not have to indicate City and State of birth, only if you are a US Citizen.

Sad, but these add up to factors which can, intentionally or not, remove or diminish your chances for employment or prevent merit based  career advancement, raises and rewards.  This is where a seldom enforced violation of the law becomes a unjustifiable act against good capable people, harms employee moral and diminishes interest in long term employment with a company ... because no one gets younger at their job.  Talent has no age constraint.

Unfortunately many only view the perceptions of age, and overlook the difference each generation has demonstrated in regard to life styles, commitment and work habits.

Marc Cenedella (Founder, Executive Chairman and CEO of Ladders, Inc.) wrote a piece on age which is worth visiting at


  3x Year Olds:  Shape the Long Term
Start planning your next job for your resume.  Benefits become more of a focus as you potentially begin a family.  By now you have proven your skills to showcase your abilities but look at taking some professional risks.  Keep your work/life balance in line.  Consider what your work does to benefit your employer and the value from your involvement.  Being to brand yourself as an expert at work.

  4x Year Olds:  What has your impact and legacy been?
Your job satisfaction may be a key player in staying or going on the market.  If you seek a change, look for a job that has impact so you can define yourself by who you are PLUS what you do.  These increase in importance as you become older.

As you salary increases their costs, be prepared to discuss your value add that offsets added cost.  Could younger less costly employees have done this level of work and cost benefits to the company?

  5x Year Olds:  Find Meaning
You are becoming too expensive for some.  In lieu of taking steps backwards and down in compensation, consider emphasizing your accomplishments and experience while de-emphasizing age.  Stop showing graduation dates and limit employment history to the last 15 to 20 years.  Put your great accomplishments that fall outside the 15 to 20 years in an Accomplishments Resume section to keep credit for the great things you did.

Companies are starting to promote lifetime positions to retain the younger aged workers so leverage that gently in your arguments.

  6x Year Olds:  Be Flexible
When younger, the idea of retiring before 65 was a goal for many.  With the loss
of job security, retirement pensions being terminated, significant hits in the
stock market, banking system and real estate between the late 1970's and 2010
plus the failure of a meaningful economic recovery since 2011, retirement for
many will be in the early 70's if continued employment is possible.

Employers fear your technological obsolescence, skyrocketing insurance costs,
and less tolerance due to age.  Build your brand to dispel these concerns and if
needed, be open to consulting and part-time work.  Promote your experience and
work ethics while showing hunger to succeed, mentoring younger workers, and a
strong flexible approach.   Your experience, wisdom, insights and dependability
are strong cards to use along with institutional knowledge and deep industry expertise.

  7x Year Olds:  Be More Flexible
This will be the next shock to employers as life expectancies extend with people healthier but costs continuing to increase.  Defined benefit plans were mostly phased out and many lost value as companies did not manage them well or at all.  Delaying Social Security can help your total payments - check the rules as they can and will continue to change.  Continued employment can help you avoid severe reductions in your retirement savings from unplanned catastrophic events such as Alzheimer's which can develop suddenly.  Remember what you take out from retirement is taxable so be smart on how you save in regard to tax liabilities and the mandatory withdrawal of tax deferred accounts.   Consider a gradual movement from funds into a ROTH which can be inherited and no known "draw down" requirements.  This places the tax liability potentially into years when earning less to minimize the big hits later.   Considering using a tax and/or investment advisor to protect your savings to the greatest legal extent to insure more funds when you are most exposed to injury or illness and want to insure funds for your survivors, potentially through trusts or other vehicles.  Assume the worst, plan for it being more so and hope you were a pessimist.  We all gotta go sometime, so plan to go in comfort, good health and style.