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Business Travel

Updated 09/22/2016

  Once upon a time ... when travel was fun ... 
  and then the world changed and seats were bad,
  service was bad, prices were bad, food was gone,
  rules were horrible, and travel was punishment
  and you never see your bags again if you landed
  where you were suppose to.

  So what mistakes are travelers making during their trips?

    1.  Not getting enough sleep
  Especially if traveling overseas on business.  Never conduct a meeting
  in a lounge with comfortable chairs without enough sleep the night
  before.  Next thing you know it's 24 hours before you can get on the
  next flight but you checked luggage is safely arrived back home.

    2.  Assuming you know the visa requirements
         Nothing like being denied boarding due to a Custom gotcha at midnight
         in a foreign country.  Things to have:  CIA World Factbook, US Dept of
         State Travel Alerts, UK Foreign Travel Advice site, Center for Disease
         Control and a global religious holiday calendar app.

    3.  Not being prepared
         Check that you have: shoes, toiletries, your/spouse's lipstick, battery
         charger, phone, computer.  Don't leave home without them, except
         maybe the lipstick.

    4.  Last Minute Hotel Reservations
         Good hotels and good priced rooms go fast especially months ahead of
         a major convention or event.  Plan on finding any room miles away and
         get to know the cab drivers early for better service, and don't skip on the

    5.  Keep Addresses Handy
         Use your smart phone to find the address your going to.  Watch out for
         the periodic turn left here and it's a one-way street going to the right.

    6.  Scheduling Leisure
         Especially on longer solo trips, have some downtime to refresh yourself.
         Doing leisure before a business trip can steal your restful leisure benefit.

    7.  Red-eye Flight; who needs a hotel
         Watch out for the no-rooms available until after 3:00 PM or later to kill
         your sleep ... you want to arrive to the airport awake and functioning.

    8.  Get Global Entry

         This simply application gives you pre-approved clearance to breeze 
         through immigration.  Some major credit cards will extend you a credit
         for the fee.

    9.  Double Check Your Flight Coupons
         Forgetting to consider changes in time zones, travel times to an airport,
         to a hotel, the correct flight and that it is still scheduled, etc.

  10.  Flying Non-Stop
         Having time at the hotel to refresh and unpack can allow you a better
         evening thus better morning.

  11.  No Speaka de Language
         Know some basic keywords for the country you're going to, such as:
         Yes, No, Help, Doctor, Police, Hotel, Taxi, and Eat for starters.

  12.  Delays to Print Simple Things
         Printing something at a hotel or other locations can be near impossible.
         Print needed documents once your plans are locked down while at home.

  13.  Breakfast in the Morning
         Insure you know the times and where it is and if it comes to the room or
         you go to it.  Different countries have different processes and customs.

  14.  Passports are Gotta Haves
         A lost Passport, if there is a US Embassy in town, can take 3-4 business
         days.  Keep them locked in the hotel room save when not needed.

  15.  Know Your Calling Plan
         Long distance in the US is nothing on a cell phone.  Long distance in a
         foreign country can cost you dearly, sometimes more than the room

  16.  Last Minute Planning
         What ever you do, how ever detailed you are, you will be miserable.

  17.  Travel Light
         Being dependent on items that are not essential will hurt your trip.

  18.  Good Comfortable Shoes
         Armies move on their feet and thus have good boot.  Think about the
         footwear you will need for long days of walking.

  19.  Get Emergency Medical Insurance
         Medical care is not uniform.  Insure you have automatic coverage for
         emergency medical evacuation insurance as you never know what may
         happen.  Also be aware of rare food encounters from around the world.

  20.  Budget some Fun Time
         Think about a "me day" to end a trip with.