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Calendar Power


  The pace and strategy of a good job search
  can benefit from the annual calendar if you
  plan to leverage this opportunities. 

Most companies have a good fix for the coming annual budget by early October.
That leaves positions well defined, salary ranges set, and ready to fill slots.  This
is the time you want to insure you are ALREADY well connected with the companies you have targeted for employment.  They know this is a competitive process between companies thus want to lure the top talent and lock them down in the current physical ("budget") year for start in January.  This is a lot of pressure so you need to be fully prepared before October.

Some companies have a "use it or lose it" approach on funding.  This can create an opportunity for added financial bonuses for this year or to fund someone they really want potentially in the last month just to insure they are "locked down".

Key points for this period are:
  • Have established contacts before October inside your targeted companies.
    Any later and you loose opportunity and traction achieving your goals.
  • Dive through LinkedIn and other sources for company information and activities (profit/loss, new products, new high level announcements, new facilities, etc.) to stay ready for any sudden interview.
  • Keep up with non-management connections for what they are hearing and if it aligned with with public statements.  Sometimes these stories are not aligned signaling potential problems.
  • Listen for off-site parties you could be invited.  These are strong networking opportunities.  Mingle with the right people, impress them gently and express your belief they are a great company.
  • Follow Etiquette during these events.  Conduct yourself as cheerful, informed, skilled, polite and as someone who brings value to the organization.
  • Job Search is a sprint until you get hired so don't let up!  Second places finishes can ultimately be the winner but the odds don't favor those outcomes.
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