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Career Change

Updated 04/08/2017

    Career Change is not something you wake up to
    one morning without prior thought and careful
    consideration due to the fear of failure over the
    hope for success.
    Before taking the "big jump", consider these and
    other articles to see if a change is a potential for
    you or something else is just "bugging you" to
    seek something different in your life. 

     4 Signs You NEED To Change Careers  |, Kitty Boitnott                                           01/03/2017
     Changing jobs represents a unique set of challenges, but changing a career
     can feel like a daunting task depending on the level of education you may
     have invested in or the amount of experience you have racked up. In spite
     of those challenges, however, the time does come for some when the writing
     is on the wall. You realize you aren’t happy anymore in the career of first
     choice, and it is time to assess what you might be able to do to transition
     into another line of work. Here are what I would offer are four distinct signs
     that you are not only ready to change careers, but you need to change before
     your health or your primary relationships suffer anymore.

     10-Step Plan to Career Change: How to Successfully Change Careers
|  Quintessential, Randall S Hansen, Ph.D.  
     How does it happen? Perhaps you just begin to lose interest. Perhaps you find
     something that interests you more. Perhaps your company is downsizing. These
     are just some of the numerous reasons people find themselves on that precipitous
     cliff looking back on their career just as the dirt begins to crumble beneath them.

     10 Worst Mistakes Career Changers Can Make  |, Barbara Reinhold
     Changing careers is never easy. Half the world thinks you've lost your mind,
     headhunters say you'll never work again and your relatives contribute the old
     "I told you so" routine. But for many burned-out, bored or multitalented folks
     who are sitting on skills they're not getting a chance to use, changing fields is
     the only way to keep from losing their marbles.

     14 Secrets to Career Change Success  |  US News, Curt Rosengren                                                    07/15/2010
     Making a career change is challenging in the best of times, so in this economy
     certainly doesn't help.  Many people allow that to keep them frustrated and
     stuck - not just for now, but for the long haul.  They think about making a
     change, but decide they can't do it, and stick their dissatisfied noses right
     back down to the same grindstone.  But what feels impossible today could be
     an open door in the future.

     How to Start Thinking About a Career Change  |  Forbes, Jacquelyn Smith                                11/12/2012
      If you’re bored, burned-out, or your job just isn’t doing it for you anymore,
     there’s a good chance you’re ready for a change. But before you make any big
     moves, you must determine whether it’s the job you don’t like—or your career.