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Career Disaster

Updated 04/28/2017

   A Career Disaster can be triggered
   by discrete or multiple events that
   you have no control over.

   The items below may help you be
   better prepared or to take action if
   a Career Disaster impacts your

   8 Career-Change Disasters to Avoid at All Costs  |  US News, Annie Favreau                               02/19/2013
   Ready to take your career in a different direction? Whether your current job is a bad fit or
    you're looking for an industry with a better future, finding a new line of work can be both
    incredibly satisfying and personally profitable.  
But switching career tracks can also be a
    high-stakes gamble. Before striking out on your own, learn how to avoid these classic
    career-change disasters.

    10 Classic Career Disasters and Lessons Learned  |  CBS MoneyWatch, Steve Tobak                   07/20/2010   
    Something we all have in common is those horrible workplace experiences when really
    important things go terribly wrong. Those are the times when people reveal their true
    selves. Those are the times that bring out either the best or the worst in us.
Here are 10 of the most trying experiences in my career, and the lesson learned from
    each one, told chronologically ...

   10 Mistakes That Spell Disaster for Your Career  |  Linkedin, Jan Johnston Osburn                       04/27/2017
    I recently read The Law of Agreement by Tony Burroughs. In an early chapter of his book,
    Burroughs tells the story of a dog named Rusty.  
It’s a heartbreaking tale and the only life
    Rusty knows happens within a small radius of his doghouse. You see, he spends his days
    and nights in chains.

    How to Recover from Career Disaster  |   Linkedin, Liz Ryan                                                                 05/30/2014
    Bumps and shocks like that can take the wind out of your sails and shake your confidence
    tremendously. You're in recovery from those traumas now. The worst is already behind you.
    The last thing you need is rehabilitation! You only need to shift some frames and get some
    altitude -- that is, some perspective -- on your career.