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Co-Worker Issues

Updated 04/03/2017
   Everyone knows someone who has an apparent
   goal to make others feel like they're in hell.
   Here are some ideas in how you can chill out
   these individuals, so you don't bet scorched by
   their actions.

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    A narcissist is one that:
      -  takes credit for your hard work               -  Ridicules you in front of your coworkers
      -  gives you backhanded compliments        -  Blames everything on you
      -  Knows your weak spot and exploits it     -  Actively tries to get you demoted or fired
      -  Lies to get ahead                                    -  Seems to compete with everyone to be the "best"
      -  Sabotages your work
      -  Spreads gossip about you and denies doing it when you confront them
      -  Pressures you to do something unethical
      -  Gets jealous of your accomplishments instead of congratulating you
The narcissist at your workplace could be a boss or a coworker. Their modus operandi (MO)
      is the same — they want to look good and be seen as the best, even if it means bringing
      others’ down. 
The narcissist is into anything that will make them look better.  While
      everyone at work initially is in awe of or looks up to the narcissist, eventually, they figure
      out the narcissist’s game. Eventually, the narcissist runs out of people to sabotage or blame
      – until a new hire comes along. Everyone else has learned to distance themselves. By this
      point, the narcissist has already done a lot of damage.

    So how do you protect yourself from a narcissist in your workplace?  The article includes tips.
(Note: If you have any questions about your legal rights in the workplace, consult an attorney.)

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