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Cost Savings

Revised 01/28/2017

100% Recharged Reportedly BAD
It's always good to start the day with a full charge.  Don't do it!
This reportedly ruins the long-term potential of the battery (aka, Memory effect).  Better to recharge briefly at intervals during the day.

0% Battery Power
Lithium-ion batteries are believed to have their optimum performance between 30% to 80%.  Overloading (as 100%) and drained batter (as in 0%) are damaging to the batter.  Avoid from this mapping more than once per month.

Removing Case while Charging
        When recharging, the phone heats up as expected.  Do not leave the iPhone in
        the case while charging as the heat cannot disapate thus "cooking" the phone
        thus increasing the potential for a new phone sooner.  Be smart, save money!

Recharing While Not In Use
        Leaving town for awhile?  Leave it around the 50% charged rate and in a cool,
        dark place.  As noted, do not leave it 100% or 0% charged!

Recharging Cables
        El Cheapo cables may not contain the integrated overcharge-protector that
        Apple includes in their cables.  Some fatal accidents have alegedly been
        reported.  Don't risk your phone, yourself or your guarantee so easily.

Heat Source Nearby
        Heat is always bad for electronic equipment.  Apple indicates preferred
        temperature is between 60 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit.  Don't leave your
        phone by heaters, in direct sunlights, inside microwave or traditional ovens,
        pots of boiling water, etc., etc., etc.

Wireless Charging ... Not So Smart
        It's a great sales pitch with the newer phones but it's hard on your battery.
        The battery is expensive and so is the phone.