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Dave Ramsey

Revised 03/23/2017

      And why is this here?!?

  If Dave Ramsey is an unfamiliar name to
  you, allow this introduction to someone
  who has helped many through some good
  advise where job seekers can use.

  For openers, visit

  Yes, there are lots of things for sale at
  his site.  But look around and see what
  you can gain from what is offered at no
  charge and books you can borrow from
  your local public library.  Many have taken
  his Financial Peace program.

  Dave Ramsey is here because he puts what some see as complex challenges people
  face into some simple ideas that can be conquered.  For those who are unable to find
  a job but have good business skills, Dave's idea of starting a home-based business
  may be a viable solution for you.

  A current free offering is his 8-Day Jumpstart series and weekly newsletter - see the
  link at
Jump Start Your Goals   Note on the right side of this page Dave offers other
  free items you can obtain including a
Tax Prep Checklist, a Home Buyers Guide, a
  Home Sellers Guide and A Guide to Budgeting - all free.