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Deal With It

Updated 05/03/2017

   Sometimes stuff comes to us that,
   well, we wish it had stayed far, far,
   and even more far away.

   Here are some articles on topics
   some, if not many of us, engage
   considerable energy in not coming
   and facing something head on.

   Beat your fears before they win!

    5 Core Reasons People RESIST FACING REALITY Instead of Changing It
      |  Linkedin, Kathy Caprino                                                                                                                                                     05/02/2017
 In talking this week with a friend with an extremely narcissistic spouse, something became
   even clearer to me than ever before: When we're in an unhealthy, manipulative or demeaning
   relationship or situation but keep saying to ourselves "I can't believe this is happening to
   me!” we keep ourselves stuck in pain and victimization. Our disbelief and/or resistance to
   the situation prevents us from taking the brave action we need to, to revise it.