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Don't Do at Work

Updated: 02/23/2017

   While never an all-inclusive list, this
  list can guide you in things NOT to
  do while at work for obvious and
  not so obvious reasons.   

   Who should review this list:
  •  Those new to working as a professional
  •  Those who have never worked in an office
  •  Those who are working their first real job
  •  Those who misunderstand the separation between work and personal time
  •  Those who believe a job is to support their way of life and priorities

6 Things Never, Ever To Do On Company Time - Forbes, Liz Ryan - Dec 2016
Commentary paragraph from The CT Groups:
   This topic often initiates cries litigation over invasion of privacy.  The good news is, this is as
   lawyers call it, "settled law".  In this case it means the courts content you have no cause.
   Your employer often owns the desktop, laptop, pad or smartphone you are using.  Your  
   employer owns the network in their facilities and may be paying for your Internet costs at
   home and while you travel.  The network equipment in their offices is owned or leased by
   them.  As such anything that travels across something the company owns or leases is their
   property and they have a legal right to monitor that traffic.  No reasonable expectation of
   privacy exists.  Doing it also raises questions of how busy are you actually which is not good.

  • Financial Affairs
  • Schoolwork
  • Your Other Job or Your Side Business
  • Conduct Job Search
  • Community Projects
  • Personal Drama