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Updated: 02/16/2017

   Humans are emotional, accept it!
  From being in crazy love to doing
  crazy over rage and anger or just
  not feeling like doing anything.

  Knowing now to use our emotions
  or keep them under control to not
  hurt ourselves is important.

  Here are some ideas on emotions.

        Burned Out 
Burned Out at the Job  |  Wall Street Journal [Video 6:09]                                                               02/28/2017
The problem appears to be worsening, resulting in steep turnover and
health costs.  
Burnout on the job is on the rise, to the point where
companies have farmed out their workers' well-being to employee
assistance programs, where stress and anxiety are cited in 70% of
incoming calls. Dr. Alden Cass, a clinical psychologist who treats
patients in high-stress jobs, discusses the causes and remedies of
burnout on Lunch Break with Tanya Rivero.


How to Recover from Disappointment  |  Linkedin, Scott Ginsberg                               02/14/2017
As I learned from my guitar teacher, everybody breaks strings, but being
an artist is about how quickly you return to the music.  
If a string breaks
and you suddenly lose your balance and scream out loud and smash your
guitar to the ground and cut the concert short by twenty minutes, you lost. 
Because you allowed the moment to be bigger than you. 


How to Beat Loneliness  |  TED Article                                                                                          00/00/2015
Loneliness is a subjective feeling. You may be surrounded by other
people, friends, family, workmates — yet still feel emotionally or
socially disconnected from those around you. Other people are not
guaranteed to shield us against the raw emotional pain that
loneliness inflicts.
Why we all need to practice Emotional First Aid  |  TED, Guy Winch [17:24]          11/00/2014