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Executive Presence

Updated 05/19/2017

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      7 Strategies to Help Stand Out as a Leader  |  American Express Open Forum, Bruna Martinuzzi 05/25/2016
      Executive presence is sometimes referred to as personal presence or leadership
      presence. We admire it in others and want it for ourselves. 
But there's a myth that
      executive presence is something that's innate—you either have it or you don't.
      While it may be true that executive presence comes more naturally for some than
      others, the reality is, everyone can work on developing executive presence

      7 Traits of Executive Presence, The Key to Winning People Over   
                                                                                            |  Business Insider, Jun Medalla                                                       09/24/2013
      Larry Ellison has executive presence. So did Steve Jobs. Although very different
      people, they both had that confidence and composure that allowed them to
      connect with others. Chances are, you may need executive presence, too, to get
      venture capital for your business, motivate your staff or get a promotion. How
      important is presence?

     10 Aspects of Executive Presence  |  CBS Moneywatch, Steve Tobak                                                     11/04/2009   
     The first time I was considered for a CEO position I actually got the job, which
     surprised the heck out of me. When I asked the executive recruiter why I was chosen
     over what I thought were more experienced candidates, one of the things he said was
     that I had "CEO presence." 
Admittedly, I'm not 100 percent sure what that means. But
     I have worked with hundreds of CEOs and other executives, so I thought I'd take a
     stab at what constitutes "executive presence." Whenever I attempt this sort of thing,
     the results are often counterintuitive, if not downright surprising. This is no exception.

     Can Executive Presence be Learned?   |  Fortune, Anne Fisher                                                            06/05/2014
     “Executive presence” often determines whose career takes off like a rocket and whose
     doesn’t. Yet it’s hard to define. Most of us know it when we see it, in any CEO or public
     figure who commands attention with a seemingly magical combination of charisma and
     credibility. And, since this kind of personal magnetism seems to come naturally to the
     people who’ve got it (which is usually a carefully cultivated illusion, but more about that
     in a minute), it’s tempting to think you have to be born with it.
     Wrong, according to Sylvia Ann Hewlett, author of a new book called Executive Presence:
     The Missing Link Between Merit and Success. She set out to break “executive presence”
     down into its component parts and then analyze each one, relying partly on a detailed
     survey of 268 senior executives.

     Deconstructing Executive Presence  |  Harvard Business Review, John Beeson                                     08/22/2012      If you ask a group of managers who aspire to the C-suite what it takes to get there,
     they’ll invariably mention executive presence, but they aren’t always so clear about
     what it means. Not too long ago I conducted a series of off-the-record interviews
     with senior executives responsible for executive placement in their organizations.
     I asked them about the “make or break” factors they consider in making C-suite
     promotion decisions. Executive presence was one of the handful of decision criteria
     they cited, but even these experienced executives struggled to define what it is and
     why one person has it and another doesn’t. In an increasingly diverse world where
     senior executives are no longer all 6 foot 2 inch tall males who look they were sent
     from central casting, what does it take to create a commanding executive presence?
     The right clothes? A firm handshake? Those matter, but they don’t tell the whole story.

     Do You Have Executive Presence: 10 Factors Recruiters Assess
|  Forbes, Caroline Ceniza-Levine                                                  05/01/2017
     At a recent workshop I led on interviewing for executives, one participant asked about
     what “executive presence” actually means. Is there a checklist of factors that recruiters
     use to evaluate this? Does it mean the ability to use humor or wit – i.e., do you need to
     be particularly clever during your interviews? What can a job seeker do to ensure they
     are seen as having executive presence?