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Tackle Tough First

Updated 12/31/2016

As a personal "Best Practice" I either have a working list of activities needing attention or a "To Do" list, which are fundamentally the same except attention lists are often longer and more detailed.

These may include an e-mail you must send out in the morning to straighten up some people but you're smart enough to wait and how reflect anger in a quickly written e-mail and compound problems.  Waiting until the morning gives you time to get some rest, think through the situation and direct your focus on the appropriate resolution using appropriate tone and wording.

Have a challenging matter to deal with in a person-to-person matter via the telephone?  Doing this in the morning is often better for the same reasons as the e-mail example.

unpleasant or tough decisions later in the day only compounds the problem for many as you become more tired and may discover you are conducting yourself in a less professional manner.  Demonstrating anger, frustration, bitterness or worse will come back to leave you less effective in your role and delaying it until you have less energy and more on your "To Do List" only compounds your problems.

Daily stress, unpleasant required activities and constant change will wear the best of people down if you do not keep yourself in good physical and mental health.

Getting some physical activity, even for short periods of time, can help clear the brain of negatives and refocus attention on important matters.  Being able to push aside the nagging small things to refocus on what is really important will serve you well.

Being able to get up, fully recharged and refreshed makes for a powerful start to any day.  Work to get a minimum of 7 hours ACTUAL Sleep Time.  This does not start when your head hits the pillow but when you actually drift off for the night.

Getting mad at someone, some group or some company does not do anything positive.  Release this negative built-up energy by thinking of all the things you are personally thankful for having.  Whether it's focusing on things you are grateful for in terms of work or business or focused on the people you are proud to know as a friend, do it.  Make a list.  Let the negative energy go and think about how good you really have things.

There are some who desire to work 24 x 7 to hit it big and hit it hard.  Facts are that you will hit it hard but it is not the "big" you may have envisioned.  Building in "down time" for pleasurable activities help refresh your mind and body.  The body needs rest and the mind needs diversions to be and remain sharp.

People all around have some problem they are struggling with.  It may be a major issue that is difficult to address or something that a little assistance can make a significant different in their life or that of their family.  The simple act of offering help or showing kindness is powerful medicine requiring no prescription and not limited in the dosage you can apply.  Helping another in need is empowering to both parties.  Doing a kind act without expecting any favor or assistance in return is liberating.  Do not keep a scorecard or log of your good deeds as this can actually dampen the returned value to you.  Whether you are a believer of a higher being or the Karma in the Universe, rewards have a way of coming back to you if you conduct them without expectation or preconditions.