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Factors for Hiring

Updated 04/16/2017

   Do you know what factors will be used to select
   the ideal candidate for a job you are seeking?

   Unless you're hard wired into the job ... NO.

   Does the company know what factors will be used
   to select the ideal candidate?   Not always.

     5 Reasons To Hire Someone -- And Five Reasons Not To
                                                                                           |  Forbes, Liz Ryan                                                                              05/17/2017
     Many managers wonder "How should I make hiring decisions?" and that's not surprising.
     In the vast canon of HR and leadership literature there is very little said about exactly
     what to look for when  you're hiring!

     28 Surprising Things That Affect Whether You Get Hired
                                                                    |, Jacquelyn Smith & Shana Lebowitz                 04/13/2016
      Hiring managers typically use your résumé to determine whether you're qualified for the job,
    and the interview to decide if you're the perfect fit.  
Knowing that, most people take the process
    very seriously. They 
arrive to the interview on time, dress impeccably, and answer each question
But as it turns out, there's more to it than just showing up and doing your best —
    there are dozens of small details that overtly or subconsciously affect the way you're perceived.

    Key Factors to Consider Before Making the Job Offer
                                                                                           |, Susan M Heathfield                                              08/05/2016
    When you consider making a job offer, it’s tempting to offer the job to the candidate who is
    most like you. The candidate feels as comfortable as a well-worn shoe. You won’t get many
    surprises once you make the job offer, and your gut is comfortable that your favorite candidate
    can do the job.

    The Most Overlooked Hiring Factor  |  Inc., Jeff Haden
Maybe it's qualifications. Or experience. Or hard skills. Or soft skills.  Or work ethic, or
    leadership ability, or cultural fit. Or maybe it's a combination... but depending on the job, when
    you're selecting the right person to hire or promote, one attribute is more important than the others.