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Hiring Myths

Updated 03/16/2017

    When it comes to the exact science of hiring,
    it is better classified as an urban myth than any
    thing close to facts.  Most facts are crafted on
    optimism and logic that does not always held
    high due to various unforeseen factors that arise.

  •  The Best Candidate Gets the Job
     Great concept but not the universal practice.
     Coming across as "the leader" with energy, passion, knowledge about yourself,
     ability to communicate well, skills on your resume ... these will make you appear
     to be the best candidate.

     How often were you ever given a skills test during your interview?

  •  Thanksgiving / Christmas / New Year's Hiring
     Let's face it ... starting about a week before Thanksgiving many minds start
     driving to January.
     Whether it's being with family, ski trips, diving in tropic waters,
     incredible feasts, their focus begins to shift.  So here is what that means to job

    •  Usually only a crisis situation will involve people being hired between
       Thanksgiving and New Year's.
       They may interview but it is very rare they hire.
       Their staffing levels tend to drop off with vacation, illness from the weather,
       etc.  Why risk it, besides they can save what's left of their budget to recover
       from overspending.

    •  Interview may be held during the Thanksgiving to New Year period, but most
       will not start in full force until after New Years.  The exception:  A project that
       must begin immediately after the New Year when funding becomes available
       and the project faces tight deadlines.

       There will be exceptions to this and everything else in life, but as a general
       rule do not set high expectations until after the New Year.

    •  This IS NOT to say stop looking and trying to meet people.  In fact, this can
       be one of the best times to informally meet people about jobs.  Especially if
       you can land an invitation to the company party.  People are generally happier
       during this period thus more receptive to informally discussing things.

       Also, understand they are at greater liberty to discuss jobs that officially do
       not exist yet as if there is not job there are no laws governing your
       conversations allow for a more open and direct conversation.

       Being able to identify the potential top talent during this period allows for a
       faster and sometimes better selection of the Top Talent.|