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Not Hired

Updated 03/21/2017

     Tough Break but let's look at the possibilities you were not hired.  This may help
     to overcome reasons for not being selected going forward.  If you can learn from
     failures you will eventually be the winner.

       1.  NOT QUALIFIED
            Reports indicate about 50% of applicants for a job are NOT qualified.
            Depending on the demand for jobs, this number can be even higher.  Yet you
            need to stretch sometimes as applying ONLY for jobs you are qualified can and
            likely will limit your options.  Some Recruiters suggesting applying for a position
            requiring 6 years of experience versus your 4 years is not out of reason.

            Companies sometimes go through internal turmoil and move forward with plans
            to hire when the decision not to hire anyone comes down shortly after that.
            Decisions not to hire could actually come down the day you submitted for the
            job or while you were in the interview.  Some companies may break the bad
            news to you while others will keep this quiet and drag you through their process
            just to keep thinks looking positive.  This may be a company you want to avoid
            reapplying to.  Keep your head high ... this is their blunder not yours.

            Internal candidates sometimes are given top preference even if they are not the
            top applicant.  Some companies will post a job even if the plan is to hire from
            within for promotions.  Yet the spend money promoting the position, taking in
            Resumes, talking to people yet the decisions were already made.  Keep in mind
            this can be another reason not to consider this employer again.

       4.  FIT OVER ALL ELSE
            You may be the dream candidate per the Job Description and still never have a
            real shot at the position.  A large part of this is the Company Culture.  The
            site has a good section on Company Culture you may want to 
            visit prior to making any submission for employment.  It may save you lost time
            and frustration.

            In a tight jobs market, one small mistake can be fatal.  Talent, courtesy, 
            manners, professional grooming, education, experience ... forget it.  Someone
            didn't like the freckle on your left ear lobe so you're gone!

            Once upon a time getting more for your money was a great thing.  In job search
            it is not seen that way.  More value may require more money without even
            talking to the more qualified candidate, especially those advanced in years who
            just like keeping busy in a meaningful job.  Others see it as a means to insure a
            lower cost employee.  Another clue this would not be a good place to work.

       7.  RESTRUCTURING / LAYOFFS / DOWNSIZING / You get the drift
            In the midst of chaos comes more chaos as everything is rethought in what jobs
            need to be filled, if they need to be redefined or move to another area or role.
            The good news is chaos eventually is brought under control and if you made an
            impression, you may be a top candidate to grab.