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Updated 03/16/2017

    Job seekers often take off for the holidays.
    Job seekers taking time off often make a big

  The period of November and December are a gift to job seekers who keep pushing.
  Think about what is happening with many hiring managers during this time:
    1.  They know or have a good idea what staffing requests will be authorized
    2.  They know what the salary range will be
    3.  They know what the start date is approved for
    4.  They know the job requirements

  Things they do not know are:
    A.  Who is interested in this/these positions
    B.  When they can start interviewing people, often waiting on HR

  Yet the job officially does not exist yet.

  Federal law does not prohibit someone talking to another person about skills, talents,
  and experiences they have in a casual conversation.  If the job existed this would be a
  formal interview with all the legal trappings.  As a casual conversation, it is just two
  people talking.

  Doing this can allow a hiring manager to find people in advance and consider them
  for the yet to exist position and be able to potentially fill those positions faster.

  The Holidays can mark a time period when work slows down for some businesses,
  but not all.  Exceptions are often business involved with retail, shipping, and the
  crunch to get stuff installed by or before December 31 for tax reasons.

  Take advantage of these factors to step up your networking in advance of this period
  to reach the right people and get the "informal" sessions to discuss your skills, talents 
  and experience before the rush hits.