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Updated 03/07/2017

  1. cause (someone) to do something through reasoning or argument.
    "it wasn't easy, but I persuaded him to do the right thing"
    synonyms:prevail on, coaxconvincegetinduce, win over, bring around, coerceinfluenceswayinveigleenticetemptlurecajolewheedle
    informalsweet-talk, twist someone's arm; 
    "he tried to persuade her to come with him"
    • cause (someone) to believe something, especially after a sustained effort; convince.
      "they must often be persuaded of the potential severity of their drinking problems"
    • (of a situation or event) provide a sound reason for (someone) to do something.
      "the cost of the manor's restoration persuaded them to take in guests"
      "a shortage of money persuaded them to abandon the schem

   Understanding the art of influencing or persuading others into a course of action or
   acceptance of a belief or position can be very powerful.  The ability to "sell" your
   point is one to achieving objectives for yourself and others including Recruiters.

    How to Persuade & Influence Others To Your Way Of Thinking  |  Linkedin, Dr Martina Carrol-Garrison    03/07/2017
      Does wanting to persuade and influence others to your way of thinking sound desirable
      or diabolical? Or perhaps a little bit of both? Does this question raise your anxiety level
     and invoke concerns about your latent Machiavellian tendencies?
    Influencing People  |  University of Michigan & Coursera [Online Class - Free to Audit]
    About this course: This course will improve your ability to influence people in situations where you cannot use formal
    authority. You will learn about effective ways to build, develop, and sustain a power base in your organization. You
    will also learn influence tactics that enable you to be more persuasive and influential in working with your superiors,
    peers, and even subordinates. In addition, you will learn how to build and maintain high-quality relationships to further
     maximize your informal power and ability to influence others. Importantly, you will distinguish between influence and
     manipulation and learn how to protect yourself from the unwanted influence of others.
   The influence strategies you learn in this course will make you a more confident and influential leader, presenter, and
   decision-maker. You will more effective in pitching business ideas to your superiors, influencing customers, and
    building coalitions across stakeholders. This course will not only give you strategic guidance on how to develop and
    maintain your network for influence and power, but we will also equip you with specific tactics and strategies that are
    proven to work for gaining power and influencing people.

    Persuading, Influencing and Negotiating Skills  |  University of Kent, UK
    PERSUADING involves being able to convince others to take appropriate action.
    NEGOTIATING involves being able to discuss and reach a mutually satisfactory agreement.
INFLUENCING encompasses both of these.

    What's Your Influencing Style  |  Harvard Business Review, Chris Musselwhite & Tammie Plouffe                                                                   01/13/2012 
    Effective leadership today relies more than ever on influencing others — impacting their
     ideas, opinions, and actions. While influence has always been a valuable managerial skill,
    today’s highly collaborative organizations make it essential. Consider how often you have
    to influence people who don’t even report to you in order to accomplish your objectives.
    Success depends on your ability to effectively influence both your direct reports and the
    people over whom you have no direct authority.