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By the Numbers


    Congratulations!  You have been selected from potentially hundreds (or more) of candidates who have a chance to make the interview process.

    A Screening Interview is, put simply, a validation by the company to ensure you have what they seek and confirm certain items on your Resume.  Normally you will be called by Human Resources representative to have a one-to-one discussion. Some of the potential pitfalls you need to be prepared for:
        a) you prepare yourself to be well rested, clear eyes, and well organized
        b) you may have your Resume and other notes around you to quickly view
        c) if the call comes while you are NOT in a good place for this conversation, first
            thank them for their call THEN let 
    them know your constraint and if the call
            can be rescheduled for in an hour
     or sometime later in the day when you can
            be available in a quiet place.  
    If they want to talk to you they will agree to the
            rescheduling.  Make certain 
    you have sufficient time to get to a good place,
            calm down, have your 
    materials before you and will be fully prepared for this
            important call.

        You should assume the conversation will be tape recorded should there be any
        question or discrepancy in your submitted materials and statements made.

        Most calls last 10 to 15 minutes simply to hear you confirm you claim to have
        certain required experience or skills called for in the Job Description.  This is a
        necessary step as not all applicants are honest or overstate their abilities, skills,
        and experience.  These people need to be eliminated to that the desired "full
        set of candidates" can be contacted for interview scheduling.

        While this is a short call, follow the AUDIO related areas of the section below.

One certain way to distract the person on the other end of an audio conversation
is from hearing an expected or unusual noise.  Their immediate focus switches
away from you and on the noice which is bad for you and for them.  Avoid it!

Some broad tips to helping control unwanted or unexpected noises are:

  1. If you are expecting a delivery, leave a note on the door NOT TO RING
    your doorbell.  A doorbell triggers attention away from you.

  2. If you have any pets that make noise, try to secure them in a room far away
    from where you will be during the call.  Pet sounds will draw attention away
    from you.

  3. If you have trash pick-up that day, try to schedule a time when they will NOT
    be in your area.  The noise of a heavy weight truck and the dumping of trash
    or other materials often causes loud and sudden noises thus a distraction.

  4. Times when school car-pools or buses some into your area can create an unwanted sound distraction from motors, horns, and children's noises.

  5. If you live near a Fire, Police or Ambulance facility, it would be prudent to
    let the calller be aware of the possible siren noise for a short interruption
    going to save someone.  This advance notice prepares them.

  6. If you have other telephones in the area, consider taking those phones out of
    service prior to the interview to prevent any ringing.

  7. If there is any construction in your immediate area, try to schedule the call around their lunch period.  Break times not always scheduled in advance.  The noise of saws, compressors and yelling voices can be very distracting.

  8. Let family members know of your time window to avoid from entering your residence yelling or playing the car stereo loudly when pulling up.

  9. Confirm that no radios or alarm clocks will activate during your call.

  10. Turn off the audio on your computer if possible to avoid the sounds from new messages arriving or other notifications you may receive.

  11. If you live adjacent to a school, public park or sports field, try to schedule the call during a period of inactivity to avoid the many distractions from such activities.