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Revised: 03/09/2017

   You have survived a half day or all day interview.
   The company is taking you out for a great meal:
   some friendly talk, maybe jokes, chummin' it up.
   Be aware of this classic, frequent misperception.
   This is your next interview; this is their meal.

    And never ever talk with your mouth full.

    Why is this such a big thing ... it's a meal, right?
    Demonstrating proper business etiquette allows a worker to maintain positive
    working relationships with colleagues and to build rapport with clients. It may also
    affect employment and promotion opportunities. Business etiquette is a set of
    manners and behaviors viewed as acceptable to people in a particular culture.

Professional etiquette is an unwritten code of conduct regarding the interactions
    among the members in a business setting. When proper professional etiquette is
    used, all involved are able to feel more comfortable, and things tend to flow more

    Social Etiquette is a code of behavior that delineates expectations for social behavior
    according to contemporary conventional norms within a society, social class, or

     General Tips: 

           1.  You can't talk with food in your mouth and expect no one to notice.
                This may be a business meal but it is still a business interview.
                Take some food with you to reduce your hunger before the meal.

           2.  Stay away from alcoholic beverages even if they're drinking.
                A joint study by the University of Michigan and the University of Pennsylvania
                revealed that merely seeing someone hold a drink is enough to make them
                seem less intelligent.  While Job candidates frequently think that ordering
                a glass of wine over a dinner interview will make them appear intelligent
                and worldly, it actually makes the come across as less intelligent and less
                hirable.  The name for this: "imbibing idiot bias."  Don't go there!

           3.  Avoid foods that will end on your clothing.
                You know which ones they are ... nothing like pasta with tomato sauce
                all over your floral colored tie and white shirt.  A picture they will remember.

           4.  It's a business meal ... get the best they have to offer!
                Showing you can order the high priced foods and beverages may send the
                signal you are a big spender on the company's dime.  Bad image to send.

           5.  Remember:  This is a business MEETING that has some food.
                The purpose is to learn more about you.  Stuffing your face with caviar and
                exotic seafood can quickly be two strikes against you when you can't talk.

           6.  Brush up on dining etiquette
                You want to show you can work a desk and a dinner table just as well.  Put
                your coffee in the butter plate, or use the wrong fork are signs you are better
                more a McDonald's person than fine business dining.

7.  Be confident of yourself
                Projecting you believe in yourself sends a strong signal.  Signs of self-doubt
                will create questions about your ability for the position you seek. 

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